10 Ways I Stay Healthy Working At A Desk All Day

10 Ways I Stay Healthy Working At A Desk All Day

By no means am I a health expert, and I’m absolutely not the healthiest person out there.

But health + wellness is a big part of my career. It plays a big role in my energy, motivation, brain power – basically all the critical parts of working in PR.

And let me tell you- working at a desk all day takes its toll on you. Sitting all day, endless snacks, lunch at your desk…it adds up fast.


I drown myself in water every day. Yes, it makes me take 15 trips to the bathroom ( I’m not joking ), but the benefits far outweigh the annoyances for me.

I aim to drink 6-8 refills of my 20 oz. Tervis tumbler. I’m no math magician, but that’s at least 100 oz of water a day.

 cute water bottles

& more fun work accessories here.

2. Avoid office snacks

We get doughnuts, bagels, cookies, etc at least once a week at work. Unless it’s something I REALLY love ( like Chicken Minis from CFA ), I don’t get any.

But I’m honestly ambivalent about donuts or bagels. Be cautious if you actually love office snacks, or you’re just bored.

Most of the time when I found myself snacking a lot, I wasn’t really hungry or even enjoying the snack. Just bored.

snacks to swap for those Krispy Kreme donuts

Lara Bars – non-GMO, no added sugar (paleo approved Lara Bar flavors – pecan pie, apple pie, cashew cookie, banana bread)

slightly savvy stay healthy working at a desk all day

almonds – great for keeping your energy up, just avoid eating too many if trying to lose weight

cold rotisserie chicken – this might be weird, but every Sunday, I get a rotisserie chicken from Publix. Fully cooked. I put strips of it in Ziplock bags to bring for snacks. I love cold chicken ?


3. Workout outside after work

slightly savvy stay healthy working at a desk all day

When I know I’m going to run, do some circuit training, or do yoga on my balcony, I’m way happier throughout the day. Sarasota is beautiful, and it sucks I don’t get outside during the day.

So, I try to keep my workouts outdoors. I look way more forward to working out, and I’m likely to work out harder just because I’m excited.

scientific benefits to working out outside

it can actually be a harder workout, says NYTimes – for example, running on the sidewalk vs. the treadmill actually works different muscle groups

more likely to stick with it

increased energy + vitality, decreased anger, confusion, and tension, when compared to indoor exercise

vitamin D3 comes from the sun – key to metabolic function + bone health

ways to stay healthy at a desk slightly savvy


♡ easiest workouts to do outside

running – I used to be an awful runner, but then I downloaded this app – “From Couch to 5K.” It’s amazing because it increases your intervals of running until you’re running a mile nonstop. Turn on the app while you run, and it tells you when to walk/run through your earbuds.

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide – you’ve probably seen this all over Instagram. It’s an incredibly HARD workout but basically requires no weights or machines, so it’s perfect for outside. One of my fave workouts of all times.

yoga – cute outdoor yoga mat, 3 lb hand weights, + you’re good to go

almost ALL the workouts on my fitness Pinterest board are body weight exercises that can 100% be done outside

4. Avoid energy drinks

I kinda think energy drinks are Satan. Monsters are big at my work, and we have unlimited access to them.

I stay away because they are SO bad for you. I’ll take coffee over a Monster any day, any time.

energy drink substitutes

all time favorite mint tea – reduces bloating, keeps digestion going even while you’re sitting

Starbucks cold brew – what a blessing

green juice – avoid premade juices with TONS of sugar, basically defeats the purpose –> SUJA Juice is always a safe bet

slightly savvy stay healthy working at a desk

5. Raise your computer screen

I have 3 monitors at work, and I keep them at eye level.

At my previous internship, I looked down at my laptop all day, and my neck KILLED me by the end of the day. 

Did some Googling to cure myself, and I found out staring down at your laptop puts 60 pounds of pressure on your vertebrae. 60 pounds!!

That’s like my husky sitting on your neck. 

So, raise your monitors or buy a laptop stand. You can find a good, inexpensive laptop stand here, here, and here.



And no, this is absolutely NOT some tiny tea #sponsored deal.

I recently hopped aboard the detox tea train right before my wedding. I wanted to look super slim + eliminate any water weight, so about 2 weeks before my wedding, I tried out these little guys.

ways to stay healthy working at a desk slightly savvy


Tiny Tea promised to make me less hungry, more energized, clear up my skin a lil, plus a lot more. All good things, all good things.

Let me say – it definitely worked.

So, now I drink these little guys at work when I’m feeling particularly not skinny. The taste is not the best, but beauty is pain right….?


7. Collagen

I first learned about collagen from The Skinny Confidential, my all time favorite blogger. 

details + benefits of collagen

made from fresh, wild-caught snapper

promotes youthful + healthy skin

healthier hair + stronger nails

natural glycine promotes stronger immune system, digestive health, and your central nervous systemvital proteins marine collagen

There are lots of brands, but by far, my favorite is the Vital Proteins brand. I have personally only tried the marine collagen, but here is some info on the beef and collagen peptides powder from The Balanced Blonde, a blogger I also LOVE.

Vital Proteins even has an entire Collagen Recipe blog. Yes plz.

how to use

beyond easy – throw 1-2 scoops in….

water, coffee, tea, smoothies, hot chocolate, popsicles, even…cocktails


at work, I just toss it into tea + coffee

8. Vitamin E oil

 Nothing says “I’m hard at work” better than rubbing oil all over yourself.

I don’t love the Kardashians, but I read that Khloe used Vitamin E oil for growing her eyelashes – and when I saw it was only like $7 at CVS, I was like okay try me.

It’s interesting that Vitamin E oil is a nutrient AND an antioxidant. Sign me up.

Vitamin E oil is amazing for so many reasons

helps fade stretch marks

regenerates skin cells – lightens scars, acne scarring, etc

promotes healthy skin & anti aging

soothe sunburns

how to use

massage a small amount into dry areas – back of hands, elbows, etc – prevents lines and aging

tap a small amount around your eyes for wrinkle fighting and dark circles

gently rub into your eyelashes to stimulate growth

Can’t beat this all-natural, pure, Vitamin E oil for $7 – Sundown Naturals

One doctor advises: “Vitamin E oil can be applied around 5 times a week, but it depends on the quality of your skin. If you have dry skin or combination skin, use it thrice a week. If you have oily skin, use it once a week.”

I use Vitamin E oil specifically on my lashes and dry skin areas at work. See what applications and how many work best for you.


9. Stress relief candles

slightly savvy stay healthy working at a desk all day

yes, I know this is not a candle

Lord knows I am not the only one massively stressed at work. And truly, the scents of lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, even like pina colada and tropical smells…do relax me.

If your work will let you, burn some candles. Your coworkers nearby will start to love it, and people will walk by asking you what that awesome smell is.

♡ some favorite scents

Bath & Body Works stress relief candle  – the OG stress relief candle

rose candle – candles made out of wine bottles? yes.

Volcano Capri Blue – one of my fave candles of all time. Totally reminds me of going through sorority recruitment

10. Chill musical vibes

Spotify is obviously one of my favorite ways of staying mentally healthy at work. When it just gets too much, I plug my headphones in and listen to music that calms me –> specifically my “when you’re on fire but it’s fine” playlist.

Get a free trial of Spotify Premium for 1 month, and I’m pretty sure students get discounts, too.

follow me on spotify @katsavmcd

slightly savvy stay healthy working at a desk all day

Staying Healthy at Work Wrap Up

drink water

♡ avoid office snacks

♡ work out outside

♡ avoid super sugary energy drinks

♡ raise your computer to keep pressure off your neck/shoulders

♡ use detox teas for when you realllly need to feel skinny/remove bloat

♡ buy collagen powder

♡ moisturize while you work – vitamin E oil

♡ burn stress relief candles

♡ chill vibes on spotify

I realize that was a ton of info, but hopefully, some of it was helpful. Questions on anything I said? Ask me !!

So, how do you guys stay healthy at work? I’d love to know below.


PS- Follow me on Instagram for more health + wellness in my daily life…..think mint tea, collagen powder, ice rolling for wrinkles, anti-aging & cruelty-free skin care


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  • Monet

    I stay healthy at work by using the bathroom on the 6th floor even thpugh I work on the 1st and taking the stairs!

    • Katherine

      Lol that’s great. You gotta do what you gotta do !! And I bet allll those steps and that leg workout adds up!

  • Such great tips. I’ve also noticed that when I’m looking forward to yoga then I’m in a better mood that day.

    • Katherine

      100% same! I’m definitely more excited to work out when I know I’m going to be getting outside for once! thanks so much for reading girl xx