April 2017 Income Report: $5.37

April 2017 Income Report: $5.37

Alright fam, so no, this isn’t going to be an income report about how I made $20,000 in one month of working from home.

Series kudos to the people who do write those, though.

Like I’ve said before, I started getting super serious about my blog on March 17. In about six weeks, here’s my growth, tiny little income, and updates.

Social Growth + Strategy

I’m not massively concerned about the actual numbers here, but I like to show the growth. One thing about social media that people don’t get is it’s not about your follower count. 

You can have 1 million Instagram followers and if none of them are actually your target audience – engaging with you, buying the things you recommend, sending YOU things to buy – you have nothing.

I would rather have 5,000 of the right followers than 500,000 of the wrong followers.

♡ Strategy

What has made a huge difference is my social media growth is how I think about social media itself. I was absolutely guilty of this before…putting out pretty photos and expecting the followers and likes to roll in. Putting out a new blog post and expecting the traffic to just come my way.

And it would… in small numbers.

What really kick-started my growth was basically following an 80-20 rule for social media, too.

80% engaging and commenting and sharing OTHER people’s content. 20% self-promotion. 


♡ Pinterest Growth

401 followers –> 900 followers

Pinterest is easily 80% of my traffic.

Following my own 80-20 rule, I have Board Booster set up to automatically repin hundreds of pens to almost 100 group boards every day. (sign up for your own trial of Board Booster, highly recommend –> here)

Automating my pinning gives me tons of time to…

  • Go through my feed & pin in real-time (fashion, home decor, fitness, etc)
  • Go through the pins I have pinned/saved, go to that blog, read the article, and comment.

Setting up my self-promotion saves HOURS that I can spend engaging with other people. That shift from thinking about my posting to think about OTHERS has really changed my game.

The one Pinterest growth item that I really did invest in was the “Pinterest Strategies e-book.”

follow me on Pinterest –> here

♡ Instagram Growth

1,032 followers –> 1,075 followers

I have a whole post on this –> How to Create a Beautiful Instagram Theme and Grow Engagement –> here

Basically, I followed my own tips for Instagram. Making a list of people in my niche, commenting on my photo every single day, going to their blog if it’s in their bio, leaving a comment on their blog…rinse and repeat.slightly savvy how to create a beautiful instagram feed

Second part of Instagram growth is growing your own feed.

  • Tagging midsized brand/accounts in your photo for that repost
  • Use hashtags for mid-sized brands/accounts
  • Using Insta stories to document behind the scenes

I’m gaining about 300 real, authentic Instagram followers a week, which is pretty great for me.

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♡ BlogLovin’ Growth

15 followers –> 32 followers 

I actually really love this platform. When I first discovered it, I was like this is the smartest thing ever.

I love that I can see who read a certain post. It’s so much better than seeing a number on Google Analytics.

find me on BlogLovin –> here

Income Report

Now….my income:


I know, incredible.

However, I will say that there were tons people told me that it would be least six months before I saw a dime of income for my blog.

1. It shows me that making money from a blog IS possible. It’s not this elusive thing I’m chasing.

2. I can only go up from here.

Now for breaking down how I got here.

♡ Amazon Affiliates

So a whopping $4.37 came from Amazon affiliate sales.

I like the Amazon affiliate program because…

1. They have EVERYTHING

2. Amazon is super well-known & trustworthy

3. Everyone already buys from Amazon because of Prime shipping

Things I don’t love…

  • Their commissions are pretty small. So when people buy small items, I get a few cents.
  • It’s a CPA network – you aren’t paid for clicks. You are only paid when someone actually purchases a product.

Obviously, those few dollars at SCALE would be much different & that’s the ultimate goal.

♡ ShopStyle Collective

slightly savvy april 2017 income report

Income: $1.00

I actually stumbled on this affiliate program when I was just looking for a way to build products on Slightly Savvy. I was tired of just linking text links and then including a picture, and I’ve seen tons of bloggers using product widgets & it looks really pretty.

like this…

♡ may beauty wish list

Basically, now I’m LOVING it. It’s a really seamless user experience & I love being able to showcase products I love in a pretty way.

Also, it’s CPC-based, so you get paid based on CLICKS, too. I implemented it April 30th and have already made $1 in 1 day. Definitely excited to focus on incorporating the widgets and building out really helpful product recommendations.

April Top Posts

♡ top posts published in April

  • How to Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed + Grow Your Engagement –> read it here
  • 60 Pinterest Group Boards for Lifestyle Bloggers to Monetize Your Blog + Grow Traffic –> read it here
  • Wellness Inspired Mother’s Day Gift Guide –> read it here

♡  top posts overall

  • 10 Ways I Stay Healthy Working at a Desk All Day – this post has an absolute life of its own on Pinterest and get TONS of repins every day. Absolutely always the top driver of traffic to my blog, so I do keep this updated super regularly (read it –> here)
  • Ultimate Guide to Cool Blonde Hair –> read it here
  • How to Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed + Grow Your Engagement –> read it here

Strategic Thoughts

  • narrowing down target demographic – because I have so many clicks on my affiliate links with little conversions, I think I need to narrow down my target audience
  • thinking of switching my blog theme – I’ve had this one since I started my blog in 2015 (and then didn’t touch it for 2 years). I want my platform to be more visual and more bright, you know ??

Wrap Up

It’s so fun to watch other bloggers grow their income & their brand, too. Income reports are definitely some of my favorite posts to read.

Thanks for reading! If you guys have any questions, drop them below & I will answer them!


This post contains affiliate links to help keep this blog up and running. 

♡  if you find value in my content, check out my highest performing April beauty products

  • Girl this is awesome! I had no idea that Shopstyle Collective is based on clicks. Will definitely have to look into that. Thanks for sharing the details on your blogging journey – I truly look forward to seeing how your blog grows! xoxo

  • I love seeing any kind of progress even if it seems small, getting a $1 here and there is still so exciting! It’s so great to learn from someone who is at the same point in their blogging journey as me 🙂

    • Katherine

      Thanks Sami! I totally agree. I know plenty of people who have never made a dime from their blog for years, so even $5 makes me excited. Love watching your growth too!

  • Great tips!! I’ll take note of this and give it a try.

    xx, Melissa

  • Congratulations! That’s really awesome progress 🙂 New reader of your blog and I really love it!
    xo Alexandra

  • Love reading your posts girl! I always feel re-inspired every time I visit your site. That ShopStyle Collective program looks awesome as well! Definitely want to check that out.
    Amanda xx

    • Katherine

      That’s so kind of you! I continually love your content on The A&J Muse, too. You guys give great advice, and your Insta is on point. Thanks for reading girl!

  • Good for you making income that quickly!! Small steps will result in big growth. 🙂 I really need to hop on the Pinterest train myself!


  • OK, first of all – congrats! That’s awesome that you’re making income! I’m yet to make a dime, but I’m slowly learning about affiliate programmes and which products etc are beat for my readers.

    But also I super-appreciate your honesty! This is written so matter-of-factly and so down-to-earth that I’m like ‘Hell yeah, I wanna follow this girl on all her social platforms!’ There are so many cheesy, sleazy webinars knocking about at the moment that promise the world but are actually just an hour-long sales pitch with no real insights.

    So, THANK YOU!

    • Katherine

      Thanks so much Amy, your comment kind of literally made my day. If I can help you out with any affiliate programs or any other monetization stuff, just DM me on Insta! I’m pretty sure we follow each other 🙂

      And I totally feel you on the webinars thing…like no actionable tips and at the end of it, it’s just a sales pitch for another product. smh.

  • You are keeping it real and I respect that. We all start from somewhere. I didn’t earn any $ for months when I started, maybe almost a year. Thanks for sharing your experience and adding to our knowledge, I didn’t know that ShopStyle Collective existed 🙂

  • This is a great post! The experience and knowledge you share with your readers is what makes us keep coming back!

  • I’ve been a lurker on your blog for a while – but I just wanted to say how much I love your income reports! It can be so discouraging as a new blogger to only ever see numbers from people who’ve been at this for years and make insane amounts…
    I still make pretty much all my money via freelancing and just a tiny amount via blogging/passive stuff. I’ll definitely check out ShopStyle thanks to you! 🙂

  • Thank you for all this advice & for sharing the love! I’ve only just started my blog and am starting to feel a bit discouraged about ever having success with it – it all seems quite daunting if, like me, you don’t really know what you’re doing! You’ve helped me to feel more motivated and believe that if I keep going it’ll be worth it. Money isn’t my main goal, but I’d love for blogging to be my ‘job’, so I definitely have to make some – and I would be ridiculously excited to make my first £1!! Thanks for your refreshing honesty and for giving me some ideas for realistic goals. I’ll be following your progress, good luck 🙂

    Tara | prettybipolar.com