Why August is a Crucial Month for Bloggers + Brands

Why August is a Crucial Month for Bloggers + Brands

Happiest of weekends babes!

Bringing you a Sunday special to talk about something that was on my mind last week. The importance of AUGUST.

At my real life 9-5, I am doing a LOT. We have a huge release coming up in the next 2 weeks, which means I am going to be writing, pitching, speaking with press, managing social media buys….basically, I’m super busy.

When I get super busy, I like for Past Me to prep for Future Me. Having a lot to juggle forces me to prep real hard in advance, save Future Me from flipping out and rushing to have stuff done.

Which brings me to prepping for August and the holidays.

Why August Matters for Brands 

You guys might not know this if you aren’t in marketing/advertising/PR/retail. But Quater 4 (Q4) is that time from September – December, aka the holiday season where the world explodes with commercials, Facebook ads, Black Friday sales, etc…and we start preparing for that holiday explosion super far in advance.

August is the month where I’m sitting down with my PR team deciding exactly where our holiday marketing dollars are going. We’ll be analyzing the holiday season of 2016, what we did wrong, what we did great, and what new stuff will be coming in 2017.

Why August Matters for Bloggers

I fully believe that in 5 years, people are going to be looking back at 2017 as the year influence marketing + the holiday season married. People are going to write about this year as the true beginning of brands leveraging bloggers + influencers specifically for Black Friday, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.

You guys might think influencer marketing is like at a peak….fam, it’s JUST beginning. You might be looking at the Alexis Ren’s and the Jay ALvarrez’s who literally, truly make money from Instagram and think you could never do it, there’s too many bloggers out there, the market is too FULL.

It’s not.

This is all JUST getting started. And I believe there is still a huge opportunity to capitalize on this if you know what you’re doing.

So, what can you do to prep for August/September now?

I started thinking about how you guys could put yourselves ahead of other bloggers. How YOU guys could be in a perfect position when brands come hunting for influencers. Most bloggers/influencers don’t know that August is such a crucial month to be prepped for, and that is where I saw a HUGE opportunity for you guys.



Slightly Savvy Summer Camp / / August 7 – August 11 (online)

Guys, a SUMMER CAMP for bloggers…ALL about working with brands from PR insiders.

Slightly Savvy Summer Camp is THE place for bloggers to learn about all working with brands…from the PR insiders who choose influencers for brand collaborations.

We’re the ones searching for bloggers, negotiating with them, and looking at their press kits for brands like Dove, Kitchen Aid, TRESemme, L’Oreal, and Speedo.

“I used your email templates and I nailed down over $1200 this month so far! It was something I was struggling with before so I wanted to say thank you!” – Bailey

“I’m vetting a 50 person list right now, weeding through people who are a fit for an upcoming program. I wish I could help these women understand how to make their content feel more authentic + brand friendly.” – Account + Influencer Relations at Edelman PR

“So many times I’ve wanted to tell bloggers exactly why they weren’t chosen for a campaign and just give them some insider tricks, those little tweaks that take a blogger to the next level.” – Brand Manager at $300M Global Company

“I get really excited when I receive beautiful assets + extras. It makes me want to keep working with the bloggers, pitch their ideas to the clients, and send them free goodies.” – Senior Social Strategy at KitchenAid

Enroll in Camp –> here

The Community

  • Our invite-only Facebook group where we can all talk, help each other out, + answer questions 1:1
  • SO many opportunities to submit YOUR questions – literally ask anything, we don’t judge
  • Even submit your blog/Instagram to be used as an example on different days – everybody loves real-life examples
  • Videos are pre-recorded and will be online via Teachable platform
    • In the Facebook group, we’ll do discussions every day on the specific topics so you can ask us questions in real time
  • Post-camp Live Q&A

The Agenda

Day 1: Using Instagram as a Non-BS Influencer 

  • How to monetize in a genuine way, not Fit Tummy Tea
  • How PR people find you, how you can get found, and the pros
    + cons of blogger networks
  • The algorithm benefits of doing Instagram Live + 10 specific Insta Live content ideas for the main niches (lifestyle, fashion, travel)
  • Submit YOUR Instagram problems + we’ll give you specific strategies to test out

Day 2: Knowing Your Worth + Pricing for Micro Influencers

  • How to price for collaborations for micro influencers (30k followers or less)
  • How to leverage + price for different story ideas, social media platforms, + scale these as your brand grows
    • Example: the cost of a sponsored post vs. Instagram post with carousel vs. Instagram Story
  • Pros + cons of press kits + how to structure them for PR people
  • Submit YOUR specific questions on pricing
  • BONUS: pricing worksheet and chart

“I used your email templates and I nailed down over $1200 this month so far! It was something I was struggling with before so I wanted to say thank you!” – Bailey

Day 3: Exactly What Brands + PR Agencies Look for in Bloggers/Influencers

  • Breaking down statistics on followers, engagements, page views + what you really need
  • Why you were passed over in the past + what makes you get written off immediately
  • Guest PR expert who works at Edelman in Account + Influencer relations for brands like Dove, Tresemme, and Speedo, answers what every blogger wants to know on what PR agencies are actually looking for when collaborating
  • Submit YOUR questions on working with brands…get into the nitty gritty, please

Day 4: Communicating with Brands: The Good, The Bad, + The “Free Exposure”

  • How to stop getting paid in product, discount codes, or “free exposure” + why it even happens in the first place
  • Why blogger should stop bashing brands, from the PR people reading your tweets
  • Negotiating with brands + how to respond to various email scenarios
  • Guest PR expert on what makes a dream blogger/influencer, our craziest requests, + horror  stories and how influencers can use this info to take their business to the next level
  • Submit your email pitch ideas + we’ll give you feedback OR your craziest emails from brands that make you cringe 

Day 5: FTC Standards 101

  • Exact mock ups of OKAY vs. NOT OKAY sponsored posts, Instagram posts, tweets, etc.
  • Why genuineness + authenticity wins in the long game + captures brands’ attention
  • 1 end of camp, randomly selected $200 giveaway ( cute swimsuit, pop socket, dream catcher…aka cute stuff you can Instagram)

Enroll in Camp –> here

The Cost

I wish this summer camp was in person because literally how perfect would that be? An entire Instagrammable week with rosé, midi rings, marble tables…but alas, it’s online. Maybe next summer though ??

Slightly Savvy Summer Camp is $125.

Like with Bailey, she nailed down $1200 in brand collaborations in 1 month…that is literally making almost 10X what she paid for Summer Camp right off the bat.

Enroll in Camp –> here


Questions ?? DM me on Instagram here (you’ll get a response faster) or email me at katherine@slightlysavvy.com

Thank YOU guys for even giving me the inspiration to put this together.

Super excited to bring you more + more details and preview content on Slightly Savvy Summer Camp! If you want to be one of the first to know about updates, drop your email in that pink bar below.