Podcast Press: Blogged Episode 007: Insider PR Tips for Bloggers

Podcast Press: Blogged Episode 007: Insider PR Tips for Bloggers

My Haute Society’s Blogged Podcast: Episode 007

Fam!! I am so so excited to share the Blogged Podcast Episode 007: Insider PR Tips featuring yours truly.

When Cara reached out to me after I hosted my Holiday Pitching Workshop, I was immediately loving her own vision + hustle over at My Haute Society.

My Haute Society and Slightly Savvy have super similar values – giving bloggers + influencers some no BS resources for growing their brands while upping the transparency level. 

Cara + CJ are both gems in their own right and talking with them was so fun. Plus, all of their branding is so on point, you’ll love their aesthetic.

(can I also just say how honored I am to be episode double oh seven?)

Tune into Blogged 007: Insider PR Tips to learn…

  • the essential components of a solid pitch
  • how to be a top-notch blogger + stand out to brands alll year, not just during busy seasons
  • the biggest mistake I see with blogger-brand collaborations
  • also my biggest negotiating tip for bloggers (I use it in my own business life, and it basically makes me feel like the Godfather makin’ deals + takin’ names)
  • how to leave a lasting impression on a brand

It’s def a more lengthy podcast filled with value for you guys. I tried to be as specific + practical as possible so you can walk away with tips + strategies to implement TODAY.

If you give it a listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Twitter or tag me in your Insta Stories screenshots! 


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  • Stephanie

    Congrats on launching your own PR firm 🙂 I cannot wait to listen to your podcast interview!


    • Ah thanks so much Stephanie, that is too kind of you. Cheers to 2018 and let me know if you liked this podcast! xoxo