PR Expert on Influencer Authenticity and Working with Bloggers From a Brand’s Perspective

PR Expert on Influencer Authenticity and Working with Bloggers From a Brand’s Perspective

When I first thought of the idea of Summer Camp, the first person who popped into my mind to bring on as a PR expert was Chelsea. Lots of girls want to work in PR,¬†but in my totally unprofessional¬†opinion, a lot of people think PR is writing a press release and throwing up a pic on social media and you’re done.

I see a people who work in PR and kind of manage to get by with the bare minimum. But they’re not creative, out of the box thinkers, exceptional communicators, smart strategists…basically, anything that really separates the good from the great.

But Chelsea is all that, more, and always has been. When we were in college, she interned at the largest and one of the most prestigious PR firms…and they loved her so much she now works for them full-time. She always stood out to me as truly knowing her stuff, even when we were just brainstorming PR ideas for our sorority and getting fraternities to pair with us for Homecoming.

Then, it was always her dream to move to NYC and when she graduated, she did just that. She moved to NYC, got a full-time job with the world’s largest PR firm, and for the last 3 years, has been working her butt off for her clients.

She is so smart, so innovative, and SO knowledgeable about brands and PR life. There is truly no one better that you could get the inside scoop from.

Give this interview a listen if you can.

She drops some gems of advice like consistency in your work when working with brands (LOVE her insight on this), influencer authenticity, and how she works with bloggers on the PR side.


If you want to learn more from Chelsea and myself on working with brands as a blogger, check out Summer Camp here. 

  • It’s so important for bloggers to be consistent on their blog and for the brand. Can’t stress that enough!

  • I totally understand what you are saying in terms of building relationships with brands and not demanding compensation when you are first approached. But, on the flip side, I was recently approached by a brand to do a small piece as part of a summer campaign that they are running, and they weren’t willing to send any product. I had no intention of asking for compensation as I recognised that the exposure and the relationship with the brand could prove valuable in the long run. Ultimately though, I had to turn it down as their product isn’t always readily available in the Caribbean and, if they weren’t able to send me a small sample, it made it particularly difficult for me to review/photograph. I was sad to have to decline it, but surely there has to be a bit of give and take, I really wasn’t asking for much.
    Thanks for the great interview and the valuable advice!

  • I PR to three other groups I volunteer for and each of them has a different purpose whether it’s sharing the news about the organization or if it’s to show people we are relevant. The irony of it all is I blog but I don’t actively PR with a separate Facebook branded page or branded Instagram account because it is a lot of work. I’m not sure if I would have time.

  • Finally got around to watching this… great interview (as always!). Providing consistent A+ original content is my #1 priority so that I can continue to have brands reach out to me! Super excited for Summer Camp to start!!