Why College Bloggers Need Summer Camp, Designed by Influencer Insiders

Why College Bloggers Need Summer Camp, Designed by Influencer Insiders

Once upon a time, I was a college blogger myself. With a super terrible WordPress.

Well, that WordPress is dead and gone into the depths of the Internet, but I still love watching YouTube videos and following college bloggers because the advice still translates into post grad life.

How to make healthy meals on a budget? Yep still applicable.

How to stay organized when you’re busy? Um, yes sign me up.

Honestly, college bloggers are some of my favorite blogs out there. The realness, the Pretty Little Liars references…it just really speaks to me. Plus, I am constantly impressed by how GOOD your blogs are.

Summer Camp is designed by the influencer + PR experts you want advice from. You’re going to learn exactly what brands are looking for. You’re going to learn how to be a dream blogger/influencer for your PR contact. And you’re going to learn new strategies to make your content stand out, from the people who are combing through your Instagram and your blog.

The problems you face

  • Not having tons of cash to throw around to grow your brand – you need strategies for organic growth
  • Turning free products into a paid collaboration – so getting free stuff is super cool…but you can’t pay rent in coffee scrubs
  • Taking it to the next level – a lot of you have a really solid foundation. But how do you go from making $100/month to much more?
  • Managing school, sorority life, working out, blogging, friends, family – your blog has a HUGE opportunity to be a source of income but you’re over the e-courses and the e-books from random people promising to “double your Instagram following in 2 weeks”

“So many times I’ve wanted to tell bloggers exactly why they weren’t chosen for a campaign and just give them some insider tricks, those little tweaks that take a blogger to the next level.” – Brand Manager at $300M Global Company

How Summer Camp can help

  • Learn EXACTLY what statistics brands are looking for when it comes to followers, engagement, and page views 
  • Where you should be focusing your time + attention to get noticed by brands
  • How to take your blog to the next level by upping your branding + improving your content to get taken real seriously
  • Learn why you might have been skipped over in the past + how you can improve
  • Directly talk to myself and 2 other influencer + PR insiders – submit your questions, get 1:1 answers, and let us know exactly what problems you have
  • Want to walk through a specific scenario? We can do that, too,

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Between the 3-4 of us, we’ve worked with brands like Dove, Kitchen Aid, Tresemme, Speedo, L’Oreal, and Dom Pérignon. We’ve managed millions in marketing/PR budgets and worked with the bloggers/influencers we’re all looking up to.

“I’m vetting a 50 person list right now, weeding through people who are a fit for an upcoming program. I wish I could help these women understand how to make their content feel more authentic + brand friendly.” – Account + Influencer Relations at Edelman PR

“I get really excited when I receive beautiful assets + extras. It makes me want to keep working with the bloggers, pitch their ideas to the clients, and send them free goodies.” – Senior Social Strategy at KitchenAid

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Camp Schedule

Day 1: Going Above and Beyond in Your Content to Capture Brands’ Attention

  • Thinking like a media brand – you’re not a blog or another website
  • Creating a seamless experience from blog to Instagram to newsletter to Insta Stories and back + how to create content that catches a PR + influencer expert’s eye
    • Submit your blog/brand to be used as a mini case study

Day 2: Using Instagram as a Non-BS Influencer 

  • Benefits of incorporating Instagram Live into your strategy + how to monetize in a genuine way, not Fit Tummy Tea
  • 10 specific Insta Live content ideas for the main niches (lifestyle, fashion, travel)
    • Pros + cons of being a “lifestyle” blog + how you can differentiate yourself
  • Guest PR expert on Instagram secret practices + what brands want to see in terms of engagement

Day 3: Exactly What Brands + PR Agencies Look for in Bloggers/Influencers

  • Breaking down statistics on followers, engagements, pageviews + what you really need
  • Specific strategies on how to your blog/Instagram found
  • Guest PR expert who works at Edelman, the largest PR firm in the US, in account + influencer relations for brands like Dove, Tresemme, and Speedo, answers what every blogger wants to know on what PR agencies are actually looking for when collaborating
    • Submit your questions on working with brands

Day 4: Communicating with Brands: The Good, The Bad, + The “Free Exposure”

  • How to stop getting paid in product, discount codes, or “free exposure”
  • Negotiating with brands 301 (not 101 bc we’re past that) + how to respond to various email scenarios
  • Guest PR expert on what makes a dream blogger/influencer, our craziest requests, + horror  stories and how influencers can use this info to take their business to the next level
    • Submit your email pitching OR your craziest emails from brands that make you cringe

Day 5: Before + After Brand Makeover

  • Wrapping up the past 4 days with a step-by-step case study on what a blogger executing all this advice would look like (think a brand before Summer Camp + a brand after Summer Camp)
  • Guest branding expert on managing a global media brand, innovating, and staying ahead of the pack, and how bloggers can use these tips to stand out for partnerships
  • 1 end of camp, randomly selected $200 giveaway ( cute swimsuit, pop socket, dream catcher…aka cute stuff you can Instagram)

Specific questions? DM me on Instagram here or email me at katherine@slightlysavvy.com

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