2017 Cruelty-Free Makeup Staples

2017 Cruelty-Free Makeup Staples

My New Year’s resolution for this year was to transition to all of my make up being cruelty-free. I was looking into the testing that’s done on animals, and it made me really sad to think that little bunnies were suffering just so I could have MAC makeup.

Not going to lie, it was actually not that hard to transition away from any non-cruelty free brands. When I looked at my makeup collection, I was already 60 to 70% there.

The way I started was giving away or tossing my non cruelty-free products aka my MAC makeup. Then, as I ran out of things, I would make sure I was buying a cruelty-free brand. And honestly, it was pretty easy.

Popular cruelty-free brands: Urban Decay, Becca, Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Elf Cosmetics, Nars, NYX, Hourglass, Milk Makeup, Charlotte Tilbury

For more info, check out this Ultimate Cruelty-Free Makeup Guide –> here

sunday riley martian mattifying toner

I think toners and primers are definitely makeup staples because I refuse to put my makeup on without them. The Sunday Riley brand is super popular right now but also with good reason. This Martian toner is amazing. It’s so cooling and refreshing, especially if your skin is feeling sensitive or dry.slightly savvy cruelty free makeup

Plus, its main goal is to mattify. So, I put it on after I cleanse my face to help keep that oil down that always wants to pop up over my face.

For $55, yes, it’s absolutely pricey. But I tried the trial size at Sephora before I bought it and I saw how much I loved it. Also, it’s a huge bottle….probs the biggest skin care product I own.

buy it at Sephora –> here

 benefit hoola bronzer

slightly savvy cruelty free makeup staples

The og most amazing bronzer for pale people. This cool neutral never looks muddy, never looks blotchy, never looks orange. It’s also won so many beauty awards it’s not even funny.

buy it at Sephora, Ulta, Amazon –> here, here, here

 becca x chrissy teigen palette

So, I was SO pleasantly surprised by the Becca x Chrissy Teigen glow palette. Sometimes, celeb collabs are just bad, but this blush color is AMAZING for us pale people. And the highlighters are also beautiful.

check it out at Ulta –> here

slightly savvy cruelty free makeup staples


♡ kat von d lock-it foundation + powder foundation

Kat Von D is another amazing cruelty-free brand, especially if you’re not looking to joke around about your makeup.

Whenever I’m taking pics and I NEED my skin to look flawless, I use her Lock-It Foundation, put on Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, and set everything with the Kat Von D flawless finish powder foundation. Your skin will look so smooth and flawless.

slightly savvy cruelty free makeup staples

buy the foundation (my shade is Light 49 Neutral) –> here

concealer –> here

powder foundation (my fave part of this combo because it’s truly the secret trick) –> here

just try it + see what happens.

♡ bare minerals lash domination mascara + benefit roller lash mascara

So I am a 100% psycho about mascara. Lashes are everything to me. And I think they are just so key to every look.

So I use 2-3 different mascara to do different things.

slightly savvy cruelty free makeup staples

slightly savvy cruelty free makeup staples


  1. Lengthen and blacken with Bare Minerals mascara
  2. Thicken with Benefit Roller Lash

buy bare minerals lash domination –> here

buy benefit roller lash mascara –> here

urban decay de-slick setting spray

Yes, setting spray is a makeup must have for me. If you have oily skin OR live somewhere hot/humid, just give setting spray a try. Buy a trial size one at Sephora for like $10 and test it out one night when you go out.

slightly savvy cruelty free makeup staples

Urban Decay is also one of the most popular cruelty-free makeup brands. Which is great because their stuff is great.

buy a trial size at Sephora –> here


What are your makeup absolute must haves ?? Like the things you’ve purchased over and over again for years. I would really really really love to know ♡

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slightly savvy cruelty free makeup staples