5 Healthy Paleo Snacks On The Go

5 Healthy Paleo Snacks On The Go

Healthy Paleo Snacks On The Go

So, about 6 months ago, I started (attempting) to follow the Paleo diet. I actually love eating paleo because I’m a super picky eater…and eating paleo is all about really simple, basic meats & vegetables.

However, the hardest part of eating Paleo is DEFINITELY eating on the go. You don’t realize how many unhealthy food options there are until you’re trying to buy a snack…consisting of meat and vegetables.

Bringing stuff from home is super key to staying Paleo on the go, so here are some quick & easy healthy paleo snacks on the go.


♡ rxbars

By far one of the easier options, rx bars have super simple ingredients & a good majority of the flavors are paleo.

Plus, they’re cute on your Insta story..

I’ve found them for the cheapest on Amazon → here / / you can also buy them for $5 off your order on rxbar.com here

Paleo flavors: Blueberry (my personal fave), Apple Cinnamon, Mixed Berry

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♡ hard boiled eggs

Yes, I realize it’s not super chic to carry around hard boiled eggs with you. But I love these because you can just grab 2, put them in a ziplock bag, and bring them with you.

Plus, you can cook them in bulk and peel them before storing them, which makes your life 10X easier.

Don’t know how to make them? Same.

how to make hard boiled eggs for dummies

  1. Put about 5 eggs in a medium sized pot
  2. Cover the eggs about 1 inch with cold water
  3. Put on high heat & sprinkle some salt into the water (this helps w/ peeling the eggs later)
  4. Bring water to a rolling boil
  5. Turn off the heat but keep the pot on the burner. Cover. Let sit for 13-17 minutes.
  6. Take the eggs out, rinse off with cold water, and store them in the fridge.

done & done!

♡ cold rotisserie chicken

So, I’m all about easy, easy, easy when it comes to packing snacks. Like I don’t have 30 minutes to work on making a snack to bring with me.

Here’s your trick…buy a rotisserie chicken at Publix, Whole Foods, or whatever grocery store. The deli/hot bar usually has whole cooked chickens. Then, just shred pieces of the chicken, put them in a ziplock bag, and eat ’em super easily at your desk. 

Not glam but effective.

Read 6 Ways for Staying Healthy While Working at a Desk All Day –> here

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♡avocado & shrimp salad

Okay, this is the most amazing thing ever. I’ve shared the super quick & simple recipe over on my Insta Stories before and got tons of questions about it.

It does require like 5 min of prep, but if you make enough, it’s honestly a pretty big meal. The OG version is from Skinny Taste, who has TONS of other great recipes. I adapted it a little to fit more my style + taste.

slightly savvy healthy paleo snacks on the go

photo + recipe adapted via SkinnyTaste.com / / see it here


  • 3-4 handfuls of thawed salad shrimp –> like these here
  • 1 handful of pre-chopped red onions (make your life easier)
  • Avocado oil –> I like this one here bc it’s a little cheaper than other avo oils, which can get expensive
  • 1 avocado
  • Season with paprika, chili powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper

How To:

  1. Dethaw your salad shrimp – rinse under hot water and wring out the extra water.
  2. Pour a tablespoon of avocado oil into a small bowl. Add a handful of red onions to let the onions air out (or something like that…it basically makes the onions taste better). Wait a few minutes.
  3. Put your salad shrimp in a medium Tupperware –> these are easy to clean + BPA-free here
  4. Add in the onions & avo oil and mix together
  5. Season with paprika, chili powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper ( or whatever your fave seasonings are)
  6. Slice with avocado & put it on top.

Once you have this recipe down, it is SUPER easy to throw together in a few min.

♡ the paleo diet bible

This is the OG paleo book here + it’s what I read to learn about eating paleo. Plus, there’s lots of super simple, short, + tasty recipes. Highly recommend reading this if you’re interested in learning more.

buy it on Amazon for 5 bucks –> here

slightly savvy healthy paleo snacks on the go


 I’m always sharing my Paleo recipes and snacks on Instagram, so follow me over there if you are interested. 

If you guys are interested in hearing more about how I eat paleo & why I like it for MY bod, let me know! Eventually, I’m probably going to do a whole series on what it is and how I got started with it and how I follow Paleo eating for me.

  • I’ve heard lots about the Paleo diet but didn’t too much about the specifics!! Thank you for sharing this- so much info!

    xoxo A

    • Katherine

      Love your blog Annaliese! I liked your midweek post today and I tried commenting…it just wasn’t working, but I would love to see a post on what Pinterest recipes you liked and what you didn’t! Thanks for reading this!

  • I really love that you included directions on how to hard-boil an egg, lol. I’m a self-proclaimed dummy and NEED direction in my life! Even if it’s the most simple task ever hahaha.


    • Katherine

      Lol same girl. Not gonna lie, I still have to look up the recipe when I make them even though it’s basically like 5 steps…thank you for always reading <3 <3

  • I love eating hardboiled eggs as a snack and that shrimp and avocado salad sounds SO delicious. I have to try!

    • Katherine

      For sure girl give it a try + let me know if you like it! Also, ps, your blog is so fairy princess. I am a little jealous!

  • Amy

    OMG RX Bars are so delish!
    Found you on the Facebook blogger group. Love what I’m reading!

    • Katherine

      Thanks Amy! They are SUPER good.

  • These are great ideas! Paleo is not as hard as people sometimes think, but I definitely think on-the-go snacks are the hardest part. I haven’t tried RX bars but they look delicious!

    • Katherine

      Yesss 100%. I do pretty well eating it until I have a super busy day where I’m not home to cook. That’s when I find myself starving and pulling in to chick fil a lol.

      If you have any posts on eating paleo, I would love to check them out !

  • First of all, followed you on Insta because you pics look super fun! Also, best purchase I have made for hard boiled eggs is the Dash Cooker. Seriously HAVE TO BUY! It cost about $15-20 and makes them in a pinch (6 at a time). Love it! xx

    • Katherine

      Lol wait this is the greatest idea I have ever heard! I’m guessing I can find this at like bed, baht & beyond or Amazon. I am def checking this out, thanks so much!

  • I don’t know much about the paleo diet, but after reading everything here, I am officially hungry. The avocado and shrimp salad sounds delicious!

  • I love making hard boiled eggs on Sunday to snack on throughout the week! They’re so easy to make and are so healthy! I haven’t tried the RX bars yet but I’ll have to give them a try soon 🙂

    Kristen | http://www.sophisticatedgal.com

  • This all sounds so good! I’ve never tried the paleo diet but it seems like it would be a bit easier than some other diets out there haha.

  • I never heard of rxbars before! I have to try them! And that avo shrimp salad sounds awesome!

  • I have never tried those bars, but i would love to!

  • the sophia diaries

    Oh thanks for sharing! I might actually start carrying boiled eggs with me later xD


  • I’ve never heard of those bars before, but they sound like such a great snack! And I love having cold rotisserie chicken for a snack – I usually grab crackers and cheese to put with it to make it more filling though. And I have a friend that was really into paleo diets, and she LOVED this cookbook!

  • Hard boiled eggs are such a great snack! Awesome list, lovely. 🙂

  • Awesome suggestions! I lOVE those rx bars and keep them with me all the time. I’m pretty lazy about making hard boiled eggs, but when I do they’re the perfect quick breakfast or after work out snack! Great list.

  • Yum these all sound perfect, I love RX bars! They’re so delicious and easy

  • I have never heard of those bars but I really want to try them!

    Oby Grace

  • I LOOOVE hard boiled eggs! Those RX bars sound really yummy too 🙂

  • I just started a Paleo based diet so this is so helpful!! Great post. Those bars are my favorite!! <3

  • I just saw these at Trader Joe’s! Definitely going to try them.

    xo // http://www.thematerialgirl.co

  • Avocado and shrimp are two of my favorite foods, but my husband hates them both. That salad looks so good, maybe I can trick him into eating some!