Cute Nonsense for Your Apartment or First Home

Cute Nonsense for Your Apartment or First Home

So my whole life vibe right now is HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE. We moved from our apartment into our first home over the course of 2 days….one day, it poured rain all day and the next day it was like 95 million degrees.

Sounds about right.

Anyway, we are redoing the floors in our downstairs because everything, before we moved in, was very WARM, YELLOW, BROWN. Literally the opposite of my entire life.

Eventually, everything will be WHITE, WHITE, WHITE, GREY.

Anyway, on to some random little things I’ve bought to brand the place !!

for all this online shopping, don’t forget Ebates is going to give you completely free cash back / / for example, Sephora is 4% cashback right now…sign up here & they send you a $10 Walmart gift card

angel wings / / similar & also cute

I stumbled across the angel wings print at Homegoods, & I was just like YES MINE. For the life of me, I couldn’t find a link to the exact one I got…most likely because Homegoods is a dark abyss where products sometimes get sucked into.

I found all of these below on Etsy. I love Etsy for home / wall decor because it’s more cost effective to me than buying a super generic print or canvas from Bed Bath & Beyond. Like no, I can’t afford custom wall art, but at the same time, I want something unique…not something I picked up at Home Depot.

Etsy pink & gold angel wings –> here

loving this pink and gold 100%

white & gold foil –> here

for something a little less girly and more classic

black angel wings for only $1 –> here

something different, you know? very bold.

find your own wall decor on Etsy –> here

catch your dreams 

Okay, so I have recently gotten obsessed with dream catchers. They’re SO pretty and dainty, and I’ve seen so many people hang them on their walls. Obviously, I needed to find some on brand ones, sooooo….

I ordered this one from Urban. SO pretty and subtle / / buy it here

more from urban below.

trinket trays

I’m loving trinket trays for coffee tables, the bathroom, kitchen…basically anywhere I need to add something cute.

These Ace of Hearts ones caught my eye at Nordstrom because they’re super unique / / buy it here

For 10 bucks at Target, I couldn’t pass this up. And Target takes alll my money anyway / / buy it here

cookbooks / / clean eating

Honestly, I love cookbooks. Idk why but just looking at them makes believe that I can eat totally organic and healthy all the time AND it’ll be easy.

clean eating bowls / / ultimate fave –> buy it here or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited

anything that’s super healthy AND in just one bowl makes me v happy. This is my ultimate fave clean eating cookbook because it’s simple, simple ingredients. No Gwenyth Paltrow organic mushroom powder juice that I can never find.

Paleo for Beginners / / buy it on Amazon –> here

guys, there’s a reason this is an Amazon bestseller. When I was super clueless on the paleo diet, I read this book TWICE. So informative w/ SO many great recipes. And it’s like $8

5 ingredient college cookbook –> here on Target & Amazon

another fave cookbook for a long time now, this one was (obviously) super useful in college when I was a way worse cook AND way poorer.

Soo so far, those are the categories I’ve been spending $$$ on to decorate our house! I am super OCD when it comes to house stuff, so I search FOREVER for the perfect thing.

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