May Blogging Goals: How I Plan On Tripling My Blog Traffic & Affiliate Income

May Blogging Goals: How I Plan On Tripling My Blog Traffic & Affiliate Income

Well, I can’t believe it’s literally May. It feels like I was celebrating New Year’s Eve a month ago.

Anyway, I love May because it means my sister and my friends come home from college, so I have people to hang out with. And it means getting off early on Fridays for the summer !!

Without further ado.

Life May Goals

♡ home remodel

We JUST bought a house & are doing some cosmetic renovations before we move in.

  • New floors on the downstairs
  • Paint the downstairs
  • Tear out the kitchen island + insert a new one
  • Fence the yard

Yikes – it feels like there is SO much to be done.

For real do you guys have ANY tips on how to decorate a whole house ?? I am overwhelmed. If you have tips, I like NEED to hear them below.

♡bathing suit shopping

Is there anyone who enjoys bathing suit shopping?? I haven’t bought a suit in honestly 2 years, so it’s time to buy 2-3 new ones for the summer.

Probs just going to order them online because honestly there’s nothing I hate more than dragging myself through a mall and getting entirely naked over and over again in dressing rooms.

below are some ones I’ve really been loving, especially the first one –> here

Blogging May Goals

♡ income – $100

Definitely ambitious considering I made $5 in April…but reach for the moon right ??


April: 1.4k

May Goal: 3k

I clocked in at 1.4k page views for April, and 3,000 page views total would be about 100 a day. Fingers crossed on that. So far for May, I’m doing pretty good on that.

A huge way I do this is through automating my pinning through Board Booster – it has been SO game changer for saving me time AND keeping people engaged with my content throughout the day –> definitely take advantage of their real trial here

♡ growing that email list 

One random Sunday, after hearing everyone and their mother preach about how an email list is so crucial, I downloaded Hello Bar and threw it up on my blog.

Literally didn’t even think about it until two days ago when I got an email…like one of those monthly digest things.

slightly savvy may blogging goalsAnd I had six subscribers!

So that was pretty cool. And it definitely made me realize that there is potential there without tons and tons of work like I thought it would be.

Tips for getting those emails:

I used Hello Bar because it was a really sleek looking and kind of matched the theme of my site. Plus it was free!

  • Put your bar at the bottom of your page – if you have a new user on site, they’re not going to subscribe when they know nothing about you or your content
  • Use numbers – people respond well to numbers.

for example…

Sign up for 10 blogging tips every Sunday

Join 25 people & get valuable content straight to your inbox

Sign up for my exclusive email list on the pink bar below!

♡ twitter polls 

Twitter polls are so fun – I always vote in them even if they have nothing to do with me.

slightly savvy how i grew to 1,000 pageviews and april blogging goals

And what better way to literally ask your perfect audience EXACTLY what they want to read about?

follow me on Twitter because I would LOVE your opinion in my polls –> here

♡ instagram stories

I love IG stories. And it really helps me get to know a new blogger to follow her behind the scenes on Instagram.

slightly savvy may blogging goals

My goal is to make more time every day to post to my story. I know it’s not hard if I get in the habit to remember AND it’s fun.

follow me on Instagram —> here

♡ facebook groups

So my first two months of blogging, I wasn’t focused on Facebook AT ALL. But this weekend, I was reading so many stories about bloggers using Facebook groups to basically make their content go viral.

I was like yes plz that’s the goal.

I used these two articles below to give me a start pointing for groups to join. Since joining a few Facebook groups 2 days ago, no joke I have broken my traffic record each day afterward.

5 Facebook Groups For Promoting Your Blog –> here

20 Best Facebook Groups –> here

I am now a huge believer in Facebook groups, so I’m def excited to get more into that.

♡ may beauty wish list

I am out of so many skin hair and beauty products, so once I have the money, I am definitely going to be re-purchasing some of my faves.

So what are your goals for May ?? Goal posts (lol) are some of my fave posts, so leave your links down below!

A fun note: I want to work with more of you guys 1 on 1. I love learning about your different visions for your blog/brand, and more than anything, I’m SO grateful you give me your ear. Let me dive into your brand a little, figure out some unique, no BS strategies, + send them to you. There is a cost to this ($35), but I think you’ll find pretty quickly it’s well worth it. Fill out this little form here + I’ll get back to you within like an hour to talk. 


  • Loved this post! I like that you are shooting high for your May income goal. For a while I was keeping my weekly email subscriber goals pretty low because I was scared of not reaching it. My friend encouraged me to increase my goal by a little bit each week and I’ve been reaching them! I feel like setting the bar can be intimidating, but motivates you to work harder and reaching them will feel even greater.

  • Also just signed up for Hello Bar, thank you for suggesting it!!

  • I love that you have steps on how you want to reach your goals! I find that so important and helpful! Besides growing my blog, my May goal is to start being more cautious about my eating habits and making more healthy choices.

  • I love hearing about goals from other people. It usually inspires me to do some, too!

  • I am DEFINITELY looking into that Hello Bar 😀 And I’m on the same page with you about Facebook. I didn’t use it the first two months of blogging, and I just started to in my third month and it really is a game changer. Thanks for the great post 🙂

  • Good luck on your goals. I think you’ll get there. Tailwind has been helping me a lot.

    Oh, also, on the decorating front, if you need advice on flooring, check out my blog I hope it helps.

  • Thank you for suggesting Hello Bar! I’ve been putting off starting my email list but definitely need to. You’ve inspired me. 🙂 Good vibes for the rest of your month!