May Income Report + June Blogging Goals

May Income Report + June Blogging Goals

Hi hi hi fam. Like I’m sure it was for many of you, May was a super busy month for me. With moving and having our new house under a little bit of construction, my personal life is a little bit of a hot mess…which sadly led me to slack on my blog for like a solid week.

Social Growth + Strategy

SO, one thing I read today totally changed my mindset on something…page views.

Laura at By Laura Incau said this.

When it comes to blogging for profit, there are only two types of numbers that matter:

  • Conversion from traffic to subscribers
  • Conversion from subscribers to customers

Basically, it says page views can be pointless…if your traffic isn’t turning into conversions and users aren’t turning into readers…

And I was like DUH! This is the smartest thing ever. You can get allll the vanity page views you want (just like vanity likes on Instagram) and it doesn’t matter. I was getting a little obsessed with growing my pageviews…and is it important? yes.

But AGAIN. More vanity numbers that don’t matter if you’re not reaching the RIGHT people and connecting with them.

♡ Strategy

What has continues to make a huge difference is my social media growth is how I think about social media itself. I was absolutely guilty of this before…putting out pretty photos and expecting the followers and likes to roll in. Putting out a new blog post and expecting the traffic to just come my way.

And it would… in small numbers.

What really kick-started my growth was basically following an 80-20 rule for social media, too.

80% engaging and commenting and sharing OTHER people’s content. 20% self-promotion. 


♡ Pinterest Growth

900 followers –> 1,268 followers

Pinterest is easily 80% of my traffic.

Following my own 80-20 rule, I have Board Booster set up to automatically repin hundreds of pens to almost 100 group boards every day. (sign up for your own trial of Board Booster, highly recommend –> here)

slightly savvy grow traffic pinterest (1)

Automating my pinning gives me tons of time to…

  • Go through my feed & pin in real-time (fashion, home decor, fitness, etc)
  • Go through the pins I have pinned/saved, go to that blog, read the article, and comment.

Setting up my self-promotion saves HOURS that I can spend engaging with other people. That shift from thinking about my posting to think about OTHERS has really changed my game.

The one Pinterest growth item that I really did invest in was the “Pinterest Strategies e-book.”

follow me on Pinterest –> here

♡ Instagram Growth

1,075 followers –> 1,188 followers

I have a whole post on this –> How to Create a Beautiful Instagram Theme and Grow Engagement –> here

Basically, I followed my own tips for Instagram. Making a list of people in my niche, commenting on my photo every single day, going to their blog if it’s in their bio, leaving a comment on their blog…rinse and repeat.

slightly savvy how to create a beautiful instagram feed

Second part of Instagram growth is growing your own feed.

  • Tagging midsized brand/accounts in your photo for that repost
  • Use hashtags for mid-sized brands/accounts
  • Using Insta stories to document behind the scenes

I’m gaining about 300 real, authentic Instagram followers a week, which is pretty great for me.

follow me on instagram lol –> here

♡ Twitter Growth

60 followers –> 120 followers

This month was the first month I started scheduling tweets using Buffer. I don’t see too much traffic from Twitter, but I like tweeting to you guys and doing Twitter polls.

Basically a completely free way to get opinions.

follow me on twitter –> here


♡ BlogLovin’ Growth

32 followers –> 60 followers 

I actually really love this platform. When I first discovered it, I was like this is the smartest thing ever.

I love that I can see who read a certain post. It’s so much better than seeing a number on Google Analytics.

find me on BlogLovin –> here

Email Growth + Strategy

So, this month was the first month I spent some time on my email list and newsletters. Honestly, before May, I was like…I already have SO much to work on, I’m just going to throw Hello Bar up on the bottom of the page and see what happens.

And I have one girl to thank for why I started paying attention to my email list in May.

Sheila over at In Search of Sheila wrote one post that really caught my attention: How I Got 101 Email Subscribers in 48 Hours –> read it here.

It’s an amazing post and best of alll….it’s easy. And not time-consuming. So I signed up for Convert Kit, created some forms, and started building the Slightly Savvy Blogging Newsletter. In like 1 week, I gained 50 subscribers AND the feedback has been awesome.

Sign up for Convert Kit w/ this link + get your first month free –> here

Sign up for the Slightly Savvy Blogging Newsletter on the pink bar below –> we talk secrets on Board Booster optimization, heat maps, Facebook groups for bloggers, and more


Income Report

And the grand total is…


Not gonna lie guys, around mid-May, I was super nervous like….dang it, I am SO not going to make $100 this month (which was the goal I set in April). But then, like lots of people are saying right now, numbers are just numbers. Goals are GREAT to set. But sometimes, numbers like page views or affiliate income aren’t great indicators of how well your blog is performing OR how well you’re connecting with readers.

slightly savvy may 2017 income report (1)

♡ Amazon Affiliates

Income: $4.44

Even with my week of super slacking, I crossed over 4,000 page views. With that came a decent amount of clicks on Amazon links.

some tips for Amazon

  • people tend to click more on the word “here”
  • Amazon’s cookie window is 24 hours…so think about times when people might be ordering things from Amazon quickly (Father’s Day, Memorial Day weekend, basically any holiday or event) / try to plan your affiliate links accordingly

♡ ShopStyle Collective

Income: $6.00

I actually stumbled on this affiliate program when I was just looking for a way to build products on Slightly Savvy. I was tired of just linking text links and then including a picture, and I’ve seen tons of bloggers using product widgets & it looks really pretty.

best thing about shopstyle is getting paid for clicks.


♡ ebates

Income: $5.00

Got my first referral for Ebates. Ebates is just legitimate, free money from shopping online. Like this month, I spent a LOT shopping online for house stuff and groceries…with the bonuses and promos, they run, I’m going to get at least $50 in cash back this month.

Sign up for Ebates to start getting cash back from Sephora, Amazon, + more AND get a $10 gift card to Walmart –> here

May Top Posts

♡ top posts published in May

  • Cute Nonsense for Your Apartment or First Home –> read it here
  • My Favorite Face Masks for Acne Prone Skin –> read it here
  • 2017 Cruelty-Free Makeup Staples –> read it here

♡  top posts overall

  • Cute Nonsense for Your Apartment or First Home –> read it here // first home post, which is super fun that you guys enjoyed!
  • 10 Ways I Stay Healthy Working at a Desk All Day –> read it here
  • My Favorite Face Masks for Acne Prone Skin –> read it here


June Blogging Goals

♡ mini ebook

I’m considering writing some kind of e-book…either going to be on branding, social media, or monetization. Those three topics are absolutely what I get the most questions about, so I would love to figure out a way to bring tons of value for super cheap. Like under $10.

If you guys have thoughts on what you would want…let me know!

♡ guest posts

My first guest post, How We Made A $37,00 Salary Work for Two People, is live live live on The A&J Muse!  Amanda + Julia run The A&J Muse, and they have FAB finance advice presented in a way that doesn’t want to make me poke my eyes out.

I did a super honest post about how we lived on a really small paycheck my first year out of college. Peep it –> here

♡ more instagram stories

I’m loving being able to do like mini videos on IG stories, and you guys seem to love it too from all the DMs I get. Follow me over here for beauty/skincare, wellness, and other nonsense.


Wrap Up

It’s so fun to watch other bloggers grow their income & their brand, too. Income reports are definitely some of my favorite posts to read.

If you have your own income report, leave it below so I can read it!

A fun note: I want to work with more of you guys 1 on 1. I love learning about your different visions for your blog/brand, and more than anything, I’m SO grateful you give me your ear. Let me dive into your brand a little, figure out some unique, no BS strategies, + send them to you. There is a cost to this ($35), but I think you’ll find pretty quickly it’s well worth it. Fill out this little form here + I’ll get back to you within like an hour to talk. 


This post contains affiliate links to help keep this blog up and running. 



  • I like your insight about pageviews. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years and this past month was the lowest pageviews I’ve had in probably 2 years. So that hit me pretty hard and I was feeling pretty depressed about it. But I have to focus on other ways my blog has grown, not just those numbers.

    • Katherine

      First of all, your blog is beautiful !! And yes totally, ups and downs in numbers are normal. It sucks when you’re on the downs, but it does make the highs that much better. Also, a few people have been pointing out that numbers and social media dip in the summer, and I’ve def seen that over the years, too! xx

  • I love this post! I really like the way you decided to lay out your content and really get into the details! We all struggle sometimes with growing our blogs + gaining some income! You really inspired me and I hope your blog continues to grow!

  • Kim

    Wow, everything you shared in this post is very helpful! I went to your post abouf IG growth too, and you’re right! Growth takes time, and I’m sure it’s worth it. 🙂 I hope you’ll continue reaching your goals, love!

  • Congrats on your growth! Love your June goals too.

  • RM

    Hi! Your blogging insights are really helpful!! 🙂 Love your blog!!!

  • Awesome post! I really appreciate your transparency and in-depth analysis of income sources and methods you’ve found success with. I’m definitely looking into monetizing my blog, or at least starting to, now that I’ve had my site for about a year now. Definitely bookmarking for later.

  • Hey girl, hey!! Thanks for the shout out, I’m glad my post helped you and I love ConvertKit!

    I think you should totally create an ebook on monetization, I would definitely be interested! That’s one area I need to focus on with my blog.

    Will be sharing this post of course 🙂

  • I love reading income reports and yours is no different. It’s raw and real. I never heard of the shopstyle so I have to check it out

  • Can I just say this is the first income report I’ve ever read that is helpful. You not only tell what worked, but how you got there, what did and didn’t work and helpful tools. Thank you!

  • I love reading income and traffic reports. I actually published one today 😉 Your report is super informative and helpful.

  • We always try to go by the rule inflow = your outflow. I love the 80/20 rule and it’s so true in the blogging world. Something we didn’t realize until a few months into our blogging journey.

    SUPER excited to have you on this week as well! Such an amazing post!

    Amanda xx

  • I think your growth is pretty great month to month. And you’re so right, an engaged audience is better than just vanity numbers by far!

    • Katherine

      Ditto ditto ditto. As long as I’m seeing upward trends in engagement, I think I’m on the right track. Good luck girl, always love your blog, too!

  • This is so helpful! I love love LOVE your blog. (One of those very email subscribers!) I’m saving this for later. You obviously really know your social strategy!

    • Katherine

      Thanks Celia! That’s way too kind of you. I’m loving your income reports, too. Just super straightforward and real!

  • The start of summer always seems to drop page views, it can be frustrating. I’ve been blogging for a long time so I’ve been making a point of comparing my views to last year instead of last month, it helps show I really am growing a lot.

    • Katherine

      That’s actually a great idea! I’ve noticed that summer also means a drop in social media, traffic, etc. People are just busy and getting outside more, and I can’t blame them. I think that’s why it’s smart to invest in Insta stories and Snapchat, so people can still stay engaged with you even if they’re not going on your blog.

  • I love how you’re really letting everyone know what is, and isn’t working when it comes to income and growth. Things take time and I love being able to see your journey! It inspires me to keep going with mine ☺️

    • Katherine

      Thanks girl, that means a lot. It can definitely be slow and frustrating at times, but I try to rationalize that I wouldn’t appreciate the highs without the lows. If you ever need anything else, just hit me up!

  • This was so helpful. I need to get going on Instagram & Pinterest! Doing just a little on Twitter. I’ll be back to read your tips, thanks!

    • Katherine

      So glad it was helpful! Hit me up if you ever need anything! xx

  • Wonderful insight as always, Katherine. The bit about pageviews is such an ah-ha moment! Definitely changing my outlook as I move through the rest of the week. 🙂

    • Katherine

      So so glad you enjoyed Kaity! The page views thing was def a DUH moment for me, too.

  • Congrats on all of your blogging growth!! That’s awesome! I have seen a little growth since May which has been nice! I have only used InstaStories once but I am looking into using them more. Love your blog!

  • This was great and super helpful! Definitely encouraged my perspective on pageviews and social media strategy! What helped me believe in this perspective is seeing people with close to 50k followers on Instagram but only 300-500 likes on photos. 😳😳😳. lol really weird!

    You’re blog is awesome and super helpful

  • I think your blog is great and super helpful for me. I started my blog recently and am learning a lot of the same things you are. Keep it up!

    -Rachel @ Backcountry Petite

    • Katherine

      That’s so awesome! Glad it helps you. Thanks for reading ❤

  • Sorayah

    Congrats on the increase! Forward is Forward! Keep up the good work. You’ve gained a subbie!

  • This is great, well done! When did you start the blog up? 🙂

  • Jessica

    Wow! This is a great post and I am so impressed with your readership. I recently started taking my blog up a notch and hope to grow my following on Pinterest and Bloglovin’ as well. Thank you for writing this and I hope to implement some of your strategies. Jessica |

    • AH love it girl! That’s awesome. Let me know if you have questions or just lmk how the strategies work for you!

  • I am seriously so appreciative of all the social media insight you share, like how to grow our blogs and alllldat.

    Your the best! 🙂