3 Ways Your Media Kit Is Not Landing You Brand Deals

3 Ways Your Media Kit Is Not Landing You Brand Deals

You. Guys.

We need to talk about media kits for bloggers.

If you don’t know what a media kit is, it’s basically 1 to 2 page PDF that bloggers and influencers put together to display their stance, social links, info about their blog in a cute little package to send to a brand.

It’s also sometimes called a press kit, as an FYI.  

Working in PR, vetting influencers on the daily, receiving tons of press kits from bloggers on the reg, I naturally have some strong feelings about media kits.

My overarching feeling is that I see so many media kits that are working against their bloggers.

Basically, their media kit is not doing them any favors.

And I’m going to tell you why.

Why Your Media Kit Is Not Making You Money

So now, you might be like…

“Girl, this doesn’t make sense. How can a media kit NOT make you money??”

Well, a few reasons…

A media kit for bloggers should be a complement to a banger, brand-focused pitch. 

And at the same time, sometimes, it’s packed with irrelevant information, it’s way too long, or it doesn’t showcase what we need to see.

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1. There’s too much irrelevant information

Sometimes, a media kit can simply just have TOO much info.

And info that isn’t really relevant.

Nothing worse’s than an unspecific, un-targeted media kit.

Some specific mistakes I see here…

  • Too many social media links – unless you have a significant following on any platform, don’t list it. For example, sometimes I get a list of every social media platform in the world…it can look random and confusing when you have 25K followers on Instagram but then you listed your Tumblr following of 15?
  • Too much of “buildup to your story” – save the super long bio plus a mission statement plus a blog description plus a history of your blog..keep it simple.
  • Everything gets way too long – try to keep your media kit between 1 and 2 pages max.

If it’s not backing up your story and why a brand should work with you…leave it out.

2. It’s an exact replica of every other media kit out there

It’s super easy to Google “media kit for bloggers”, download a template, and plug-and-play your links, name, etc.

And I get it, it’s tempting when you’re pressed for time, money, and resources.

But working in PR, I see a LOT of media kits.

And no joke, at least 80% of them are all the exact same template pulled from the first page of Google.

For brands, it gets boring and repetitive to see the EXACT same media kit over and over again.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars designing it, though.

How to find a creative media kit…

  • Search Etsy or The Creative Market for a unique media kit template – If it looks like hundreds of bloggers bought a particular template, maybe skip it. Find it equally beautiful one that is maybe a diamond in the rough.
  • Find a design student at a college near you – I almost guarantee you know a college-aged student majoring in Art, Graphic Design, Web Design, etc. And almost all of them are always looking for extra cash. It might take a bit extra hand-holding on your part, but hire them for a small hourly rate to make you a custom media kit.
  • Buy a template and then turn it over to a cheaper designer – if you can find a more inexpensive designer and provide them with a template that can tweak and customize, you probably just saved yourself a lot of money.

Bottom line is just try to keep it visually interesting for those of us who see 50 media kits a day you know?

3. The info we need isn’t even there

And sometimes…the information brands and PR firms need to see isn’t even on a blogger’s media kit.

Maybe you’ll be shocked at this, maybe won’t, but half the time when a media kit hits my inbox…key information isn’t even there.

Instead, there’s no social media links, follower counts, even a link to your blog. 

Which tells me next to nothing about your brand. 

And it doesn’t even give me the tools to find it.

 Which brings me to what a blogger actually needs for a bomb media kit…

A Blogger’s Must-Haves for a Successful Media Kit

Now that we’ve talked how your media kit isn’t making your money, let’s break down what a successful, money-making media it looks like.

Plot twist it’s really not even that crazy!?

  • Quick bio/mission statement
  • Main social media links with direct links and follower count
  • Professional headshot or photo
  • Your logo/blog name (hopefully, that one was super obvious)
  • A section of logos of brands you’ve worked with in the past

And guys… I think that’s it. You really don’t need any more than that.

I mean, the end of the day you do you. So if your heart really tells you to have a 15-page slideshow as a media kit, who am I to stop you?

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Keep your media kit original, simple, and informative – oh, and send a brand-focused pitch

Your media kit should be a beautiful punch of knowledge.

And also a lovely complement to a banger, brand-focused pitch. 

Something that delivers on your brand in an art-meets-science way that is both beautiful and factual.

And it can be simple – as long as it looks professional, clean, simple, easy to read… it’s a beautiful media kit.

Speaking of bomb pitches, you can snag some PR-focused email pitch templates to send to brands if you drop your email in the box below.