My Monthly Breakdown of How Much It Costs to be a Girl: Part 2: Money-Saving + Budgeting Tricks

My Monthly Breakdown of How Much It Costs to be a Girl: Part 2: Money-Saving + Budgeting Tricks

slightly savvy money saving and budgeting tricksMoney-Saving + Budgeting Tricks 

So now that I’ve shared I spend WAY too much money on beauty stuff every year, here’s how I offset some of those costs. The basic belief is not being penny wise and pound foolish.

Buy in advance

I think the times I’ve kicked myself in the butt the most is when one month, I look at my pantry and see that we need to buy easily $100 of household goods – trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, pet stuff, miscellaneous things. I look at my budget, see that extra money we have this month, and I want to spend it on something fun.

Then, the next month, when our monthly budget with a little bit tighter, I am now facing $100 on Trashbags & Co…kicking myself that I did not buy them when I 100% had the money.


Make the extra effort to purchase BOGO deals and sales

For the things you ALWAYS need – look for the buy one get one free sales. For me, Lysol wipes or something I’m always going to use. Instead of paying four dollars per tub, if I see them for sale for BOGO, I’m going to spend the extra money now to get them even if I don’t need them.


Get cashback on purchases you’re already making

Literally free $$.

Ebates this is great because you really get cash back for online shopping you already would’ve done. I almost don’t buy anything in stores now, because I know I can get up to 12 or 15 or higher percent cash back on eBates. I’ve made about $100 in cash back since December alone.

For example, when I needed my conditioner from Sephora, I knew I could go into the store and buy it for $30. Or I could go online, use eBates, pay $30 and then get $3 cashback.

It’s 100% legit, it’s 100% free money. I’ve used it for months, and slowly forced all of my coworkers and family to use it, too.

Using this link right here, you get a completely free $10 when you sign up. Sign up now, and start getting cashback, so you can afford your expensive girl stuff.

slightly savvy money saving and budgeting tricks

slightly savvy money saving and budgeting tricks


Card Pool – I’ve used this site before when I knew I needed to make a large purchase.

For example, if you’re buying new floors and you know it’s going to be $800, you can purchase a Home Depot gift card worth $800 but it’s 30% off. So you pay $560 for $800 worth of wood floors. 

This specific site is really well-known and well established, so you’re not going to get ripped off.

fave money saving sites

eBates – completely free cashback from huge online sites

Retail Me Not – always check here for coupons

Card Pool – get those discounted gift cards

Best Mark – easy mystery shopping

Leverage your social media presence for discounts

For local businesses like hair salons and day spas, I’ve asked if they would give me a discount if I shared an Instagram or did a behind the scenes Instagram story. Being honest, 80% say no.

But twice now, I’ve gotten 20% off my hair because I offered to promote the results on Instagram. 1. I would’ve done this anyway and 2. They get very, very low-cost marketing to their target audience, especially since a lot of my followers are my coworkers, Sarasota accounts, etc.


Use Groupon

Whenever I want to get some minor beauty thing done, I search Groupon. Things like eyelash extensions are pricey, but Groupon typically always has some day spas around me offering 60-70% off.

Just make sure to check the spa reviews on Facebook.

♡ also…

Groupon Getaways – if you’re willing to be flexible with your travel dates, peep Groupon Getaways for steals on travel. Ireland is one place I REALLY want to go and they continuously offer amazing prices on a 7-day vacay

need some kind of weird basic product? Groupon Goods has so many products for 50% off – these unique items also make good gifts

Use survey sites for basic necessities 

About two years ago, I started using Best Mark to pay for my oil changes. And I haven’t paid for an oil change since.

Best Mark is perfect because you HAVE to get oil changes – there’s no way around it. And this way instead of paying $40 every time, you get your oil change completely paid for AND get extra cash.

Here’s how it works – go to best Mark and sign up.

You’ll be able to see local shops around you. I always look for “Oil change – Chevrolet.” Schedule your appointment with the Chevy service dealership. And then confirm it on Best Mark.

Before you go in for your secret shop, you have to do some paperwork on the Best Mark Shoppers Portal. During your oil change, you just need to taking notes on your phone about the employees, the timing of everything, how you were helped, etc.

Then, that same day, submit your survey, submit your receipt, and you’re good to go. You’ll pay out-of-pocket for, but then you’ll get reimbursed for your whole oil change plus cash back.

Set your bills up for auto pay if they offer discounts

A few of our utility and power payments offer discounts if you sign up for auto pay. Again, free money you just got back!

♡ also…

say you’re thinking about switching to another provider – a lot of times they will cut your bill down

look for summer specials – a lot of rent/utility companies offer some kind of special during the summer

How I Save Money to Spend on Beauty Products, etc.

You guys can see that really it’s saving money on a ton of little things that add up to big things…being smart and saving where I can.

I hope you guys save some $$ because of this! I would LOVE to know your tips and tricks for saving money, too.

Also, using any of the links above keeps this blog up and running! SO save yourself some money, too, and support Slightly Savvy – I so appreciate it!