My Monthly Breakdown of How Much It Costs to be a Girl: Part 1

My Monthly Breakdown of How Much It Costs to be a Girl: Part 1

slightly savvy annual beauty breakdown

So many times I have thought about how freaking expensive it is to be a girl. Basically, every time I have a major event, there’s so many beauty things I want/have to do.   

And over time, those things really add up. Just for fun, I wanted to calculate and publish exactly how much it takes for me to be a girl. Hopefully, you and I both can learn how to either save $$ on this stuff or make the extra cash to cover it.

How Expensive it is to be a Girl / / How to Make the Extra Cash to Cover it


Hair – $220 every few months

When I get my balayage and toning and highlights, the full shebang…easy $200. How often I get my hair done depends on how quickly it turns brassy. My hair is arguably the most expensive thing I do but also one of the most important.

I get $60 haircuts about twice a year.

If you live in the Sarasota area, I go to Christie Clark at Yellow Strawberry Hair – Lakewood Ranch. She specializes in blondes.

One reason I spend so much on my hair is that it turns ORANGE so easily…look forward to a WHOLE post on how I remove brassiness and prevent it…such a first world problem.

♡ blonder is better

drybar BLONDE ALE brightening shampoo – for added bonus, leave on for 2-3 min before washing

Ritz Hazan Brightening Gloss for blondes – smells good but can be drying, so use maximum 1x/week

briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask – I use this intense mask daily instead of typical conditioner + it works wonders for fixing any dryness or  brittleness that comes from dyeing my hair

Yearly Total: $1220 

slightly savvy yearly cost breakdown of being a girl


Eyebrows – $12 every few months

Admittedly, I do this pretty rarely.

I mostly rely on getting them shaped every few months and then keeping them up with tweezing.

Yearly Total: $60


Mani/Pedi – $60 twice a year

I almost completely stopped getting these because of how much money they are. I now maybe get a pedicure twice a year and a manicure or once a year. I just couldn’t justify spending $60 on literally fingers and toes.

I taught myself how to do my nails really well, using this tutorial here –> such an oldie but such a goodie from Cupcakes & Cashmere, probably the first blogger I ever really followed.

Yearly Total: $120


Eyelash extensions (so extra) – $100 a year

So extra, but I love them. I get them maybe once a year for some huge occasion where I have a lot of events at one time, I’m getting filmed at work, I have to travel for work…some kind of big deal.

I always try to find a Groupon for this, because it cuts at least 50% off the price, and I still get some super pretty eyelashes.  Just checked the reviews of the spa on Facebook to make sure it’s a legit place.

too extra for you? try these fake eyelashes for much cheaper

Ardell wispies– YouTube have been raving about these for years + with good reason. Ardell wispies have never let me down when I needed falsies for a special occasion. Wispy, delicate, natural-looking but glam

slightly savvy annual beauty breakdown

House of Lashes iconic lashes – another one of the most popular lashes out there on Instagram

slightly savvy annual beauty breakdown

Yearly Total: $100


Skin Care – $250 every few months

slightly savvy yearly cost breakdown of being a girl

I really try to minimize random skin care spending, because I do so much research beforehand, that I don’t do impulse buys. If I’m going to buy something, it’s because I researched it to no end, and now, I’m finally ready to purchase it.

However, I also really believe that you get what you pay for in terms of skin care. Where I’ve seen the most results in my skin is when I am purchasing medical grade products. And yes, that comes with a price.

Also, even though I love skin care, I don’t have a lot of miscellaneous products. In reality, I have maybe 10 products that I rotate through on a weekly basis.

FAVES (eventually doing a whole post on my acne story)

Sanitas Brightening Peel Pads – if you have texture, TRY THIS

Origins Active Charcoal Mask – better than Glam Glow and $40 cheaper

Sanitas Glycolic Cleanser– again, texture/clogged pores? Try this out

Sanitas PeptiDerm Anti-Aging Serum– 100% serious – this is my all-time favorite skincare product

Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask – again, texture – scrub it off! lasts a long time, too

Origins Caffeine Eye Cream – when I die, bury me with this so my eyes don’t get puffy

Yearly Total: $1500


Spray tans – $20 every month

Zoom Tan Level 1 Clear is an amazing spray tan for the price. The “clear” part is important because you don’t get the orange tones that come in their regular spray tan. For someone who’s really fair and light, those orange tones just immediately made me look way too orange.  

Yearly Total: $120


Clothes – $50 per month

Like I’ve said before, I’m not super into fashion, so most of my clothing isn’t that expensive. I go for more basics that I can wear and use forever, and I pretty much stay like within a color palette of pinks, grays, blues, whites. 

Yearly Total: $600

Facials – $150 every four months

Depending on what type of facial I get, the cost can really vary. A basic, deep cleansing facial usually goes for about $60. But if you get into the micro dermabrasion or any facial peels, you’re at $150 easily.

However I’ve read so much about the benefits of facials, and I personally have seen such a huge difference in my skin when I get regular facials. Yes, they are expensive. But as you can see I don’t really spend money on clothes or nails, I choose to invest it in my skin. I know as I get older, skin care is only going to get more expensive, and anything preventative I can do in my early 20s, I’m going to do.

Look forward to a breakdown of all the places I’ve gotten, when I get them again, and what they were for.

Yearly Total: $500


Makeup – $250 a few times a year

I’m not a huge makeup tester, because I don’t really wear a lot of it. However, a few times a year, I run out of stuff, and I have to repurchase it. Plus, at the beginning of this year, I switched to being cruelty-free in my makeup, so I had to give away a lot of my MAC products and buy new stuff.

I’ll admit – I am a Sephora brat, and I don’t really buy anything from the drugstore. So all of my make up is fairly high-end.

some faves (all brands are cruelty-free)

Becca Champagne Pop – the ultimat highlight

Benefit Hoola Bronzer – the perfect, cool tone bronzer for pale people

Kat Von D tattoo liner – the blackest liquid liner that literally does not move from your eyes

Benefit cream blush – newly obsessed with cream blush because it doesn’t make your skin look old or dull

BareMinerals lash domination mascara – use this one as your first coat to lengthen + separate

Benefit rollerlash mascara – finish off with this to thicken + darken –> then, go back to the BareMinerals one

Yearly Total: $1000

Adding in $500 of miscellaneous items 


Full Year Beauty Cost: $5,720

Soo I think the next logical part of this is to share how I budget for and afford all these expenses…also the extra money-saving tricks I do to afford it. You can check it out COMING SOON, Tuesday March 28.


How much do you guys think you spend on this stuff every year? More, less??


  • I love this post! I’ve never really thought to add up everything that like that before. I know once I left uni my expenses definitely went down…a lot! Last year I probably spent maybe $150 total on makeup, and majority of that was on my foundation. Skin care is definitely where I spend the most money. I probably spent maybe $500 on skincare last year but slowly finding out what products are worth the splurge. And for clothes because I had a very basic uniform for work which majority the company paid for, I may have only spent a few hundred on clothes.
    I think is such a great activity to do cos it really makes you realize where your money is going!
    Amanda xx

    • Katherine

      Totally agree! Forcing myself to really think about how many times a year I do these and how much they cost really puts into perspective on how much I’m spending. Definitely agree about skin care- preventing wrinkles and sun damage now will seriously pay off in the future! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • robin Rue

    I get keratin treatments, so it costs me at least double what you pay – every 12 weeks. It’s totally worth it, though.

    • Katherine

      I bet your hair is beautifully straight though! I would love to try out keratin if I didn’t think it would make my hair flat.

  • Its soooo expensive to be a girl. Its crazy. Even the dry-cleaning costs more for us. And kudos on your clothing budget. Mine is like a loooooot more than that! haha.

    • Katherine

      haha believe me, I make up for not spending that much on clothes in so many other areas. Thanks so much for reading Karen!

  • Oh I have never thought to add up my monthly girl expenses….. I better not even start – the older I get the more I have to spend 🙂

    • Katherine

      Lol for sure…adding it up was definitely frightening to me in some categories, but it also gave me a really good idea of where I could cut back. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

  • Wow, I’m cheap. lol. I buy color in a box from Target, and only do that twice a year. My husband cuts my hair, because I only have it cut straight across. (we have two daughters, who I take to get their hair cut, can’t afford mine too) I buy my clothes from ThredUp and consignment stores, and only shop for something if I truly have too. I may get a pedicure once a year, but that’s if I ask for a gift card for a holiday or birthday. I buy makeup from Target, but since I’m a work at home mom, I rarely wear makeup, so I don’t run out of it. I lucked out in the fact that I don’t have to shape my eyebrows. My oldest daughter has to get hers threaded. I don’t do spray tans because I live in Florida with an abundance of sunshine. I probably spend a ton of sunscreen though!

    • Katherine

      That’s awesome that you have it narrowed down so much! You could definitely argue my spending is excessive lol. I live in Florida, too, so sunscreen is an absolute must! I spray tan because I am super concerned about sun damage from living here my whole life. Thanks so much for reading!

  • You will be so HAPPY you paid the money for facial when you are older! They are so worth it. I never have skimped on face products ad it shows. I don’t look my age at all, never give that expense up!

    • Katherine

      That’s absolutely what I’m thinking! I see people spending thousands when they get older on surgeries and things like that. Love that you did the same thing and are seeing results from it!

  • My hair is more, my nails are more, and the rest is about the same. I didn’t know I spent so much! I might spend more on clothing than you , too.

  • Being a girl is very expensive. I try to cut costs on things like mani/pedis. I do like to get a pedicure a couple times a year as a treat. I was also coloring my hair at home because I like my natural color, just not the grays. Honestly, if you can afford it, buy and do what you want. Nothing wrong with treating yourself.

  • Wow, I have never added it all up. It is crazy what we spend to look pretty. Makes me a little depressed.

  • Being a girl can be super expensive! I had to cut out getting my hair done, and my nails done for a while since I am not working at the moment, and still.. feminine hygiene products, then I am a nursing mother so add in the cost of nursing pads and nursing bras… it adds up

  • Wow! I knew it was expensive to be a girl, but this information is really eye opening. As I read the items all I could do was say yes, yes and yes! It’s important to take these numbers into consideration while doing finances. Haha

    • Katherine

      Lol right? It’s a little frightening. At least we’re all in the same (kind of boat) – thank you for reading this, and I can’t wait to check out your blog, too!

  • Lydia

    I stopped getting my nails done regularly because I agree, it was SO expensive! I spend a ton of money on makeup because I’m a beauty blogger (gotta try those new products!) and I buy everything from Sephora.

    • Katherine

      Same girl! I can’t wait to check out your blog! Spending too much $$ at Sephora is one of my fave hobbies 🙂

  • I had no idea it was so expensive! I’ve got to admit though, I’ve been dying to try eyelash extensions. They look so pretty. Back when I was younger, I used to get my nails done every two weeks. I won’t even begin to guess how much money I spent. Yikes!

    • Katherine

      Ugh eyelash extensions are SO pretty! It’s amazing waking up with beautiful lashes. I’ve used Groupon before to get lash extensions for like 60% of the price, so maybe try one day!

  • Wow! What a breakdown. I haven’t tried eyelash extensions but I know I spend a lot more of mani/pedis. I am so bad when trying to do myself.

  • My BIL always tells me girls are high maintenance. Which is kind of true, no doubt about that. Having said that i’s a privilege to be a girl

    • Katherine

      Absolutely. I wouldn’t trade being a girl for anything. It’s expensive but I love it! Thanks for reading!

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    I would honestly say this is on a very low end. So many of my friends do these things way more than yearly!

    • Katherine

      Lol dang that really makes me feel better then. Part of me was worried I am a psycho. Thanks so much for reading Reesa!

  • That’s about how much my hair costs too, but I feel so much better every time I leave that salon. Bwah. Worth it!

  • Jeanine

    I just got some of those masks. I don’t do really anything you’ve mentioned, i’m an awful girl. But i want to try out those karuna masks!

    • Katherine

      Sheet masks are super fun! The Karuna ones are so full of product, too, so you really feel like tons of amazing antioxidants and ingredients are soaking into your skin. And for about $7, you can’t beat it!

  • Holy cow!! When you look at it like that its soooo expensive it seems. I now need to add my stuff up because I’m sure mine is around the same. I also taught myself how to do my own nails really well and I save money on hair because my cousin is in beauty school and I go to her at school to do my hair.

    • Katherine

      Right ?? It’s super ridiculous. I definitely thought I was on the high end, but when I started talking to other people about how much they spend, I realized I’m right in the middle – so you would be too! Thanks for taking the time to read this Nikki!

  • I don’t even like to think of how much money I spend on my beauty regimen. yikes! It really does add up!

  • Wow, the cost of beauty really adds up! I don’t do a lot of these things, so I think my yearly costs stay relatively low. I do like my once a month pedicures though!

  • I’ve always wanted to try eyelash extensions but don’t usually have any occasion to wear them to. I feel like they make such a difference though!

  • Love this post!! It’s so crazy how girl’s & guys items differ too. Like when it comes to things like razors and shampoo, women’s are ALWAYS at least several dollars more expensive!

    • Katherine

      Omg yes absolutely! I’m honestly buying a men’s razors from now on and I use men’s deodorant and body wash, too. Those extra dollars really add up over a long time!

  • You’re brave to add it all up! I can’t make myself do that. I just know at heart, it’s worth the money to feel the best I can. I don’t do facials but I spend money on good quality food and great products that support my skin. My hair is probably what people compliment me on the most. But it costs a ton to have those natural looking waves. lol

    • Katherine

      I love that, too! I really think beauty begins from the inside out, so if you’re putting good food and vitamins into your body, that’s really going to come out in your skin and hair.

  • When I started going into online banking to track my health / beauty I was shocked how much I was spending yearly. This lead to a discussion with my friends on how men, who are already paid more, get to keep even more in their pockets because they don’t have all of these needs. God bless our bank accounts.

    Can’t wait for part 2.

    Aitza B |

  • Deanna Cornell

    Wow. I forget how the cost of living surges and dips from one place to another. I have long hair and I get highlights (usually two colors) and a trim every 9 weeks at the nice price of $65-70. My stylist and I are buds I guess 🙂
    I do splurge on skincare a little. I have an amway membership and can’t rave enough about Artistry Skin care products but Loreal has a few that i really love too. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be sure to be back for part two!