How to Use Pinterest to Increase Blog Traffic for Beginners

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Blog Traffic for Beginners

Soo fam, Pinterest has been AMAZING for growing my blog traffic.

It is really the main reason that I’ve been able to take my block off the ground pretty quickly. Also, I’ve been looking enough to read a ton of amazing articles that I combined with my own experience to put together this guide for you guys.

Before I discovered Pinterest for such an amazing tool for growth, I just had no idea where to start. And I was so overwhelmed by the people who were saying they were getting 100,000 page views a day… and I was getting 2.

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My Stats Thanks to Pinterest (in 5 WEEKS from March 17th – April 25th)

♡ Pinterest followers

March 17: 364

April 25: 990

♡ total blog page views

March 17th: 0

April 25: 1,415

♡ time on site

March 17th: 0 min

April 25th: 1:07

♡ affiliate sales

March 17th: 0

April 25: 5 via Amazon

Bloggers on Pinterest Basics

1. Set up a Pinterest Business account

Go from a personal Pinterest account to a Business Account. This is SO important. You basically can’t do traffic growth on Pinterest without a biz account.

2. Set your description with keywords. What do you pin most frequently about?

Mine is blogging, beauty, paleo recipes.

Also, think about what terms people typically search for.

“Easy paleo recipes”

“Blogging for beginners”

Incorporate these more specific keywords into your description to rank your profile higher and rank your pins higher. If you need help, one tip I LOVE is to type it into the Pinterest search bar. The most searched for terms will pop right up.

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3. Name your account

Give your followers an expectation of what they’re going to see. AND this helps other bloggers recognize that you, too, are a blogger and will be pinning similar stuff.

These are popular ways I’ve seen it done.

Katherine @ Slightly Savvy

Katherine – PR & Lifestyle

4. Make your boards pretty.

♡ delete ugly pins

I would suggest cleaning out each individual board of horizontal or not cute pins. When I go to follow someone on Pinterest, if I see a lot of clutter or ugly pins, I don’t want that showing up in my feed.

Pretty pins only. If they’re ugly, delete them. 

♡ create consistent branding for your boards

Some people make custom covers for each board. (example below)

I chose to go with something more natural and organic and keep the cover photo of my boards white, bright, and boho-y. (below)

Either way you choose, again, people want to follow pretty-looking accounts.

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5. Verify your site on Pinterest.

This will save you a lot of headaches. The set up is pretty simple – it involves you placing a code onto your website, and then making sure Pinterest can read that code.


How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

Now that you’ve got your profile ready to go, let’s talk strategies.

I have to admit – I was very overwhelmed at first. But hopefully, I can break it down so step-by-step for you guys that you’ll be able to accomplish even more page views than me in 1 month!

♡ two words: GROUP. BOARDS.

If you really think about it, it’s tough to organically grow your Pinterest following. How do new people even find you? How do they see you enough to actually follow you?

Group boards are killer for getting followers and driving people to your blog.

A lot of people recommend 50 group boards as a good number you should join. I second that. When you’re just starting out, the more boards the better –> you get more exposure, more opportunities to gain followers, and more repins. Once you are more established and gaining traffic consistently, you can remove yourself from some of the low performing boards.

Check out this blog post to the right for allll the group boards I’m in, broken down into categories with links. (60 Pinterest Group Boards to Increase Blog Traffic + Monetize Your Blog –> here)slightly savvy grow traffic pinterest

so, here’s how to join a group board

1. Look at the group board, and find the admin. Usually, it’s the first little circle in it the contributor’s section.


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2. Click their icon, and follow them on their personal page.

3. Go back to the group board and look at the directions. Some admins want you to email them, some admins want a Pinterest DM –

4. Get your message ready. Here’s mine that I just copy and paste:

Hi! I just followed your board and would LOVE to be able to pin to it. My blog is Slightly Savvy, and I post a few times a week about lifestyle, health, and career.

Pinterest link –

Pinterest email – xxx

I would love to join your community! Thanks, Katherine.

Repeat many, many times.

Research recommends being a part of 50-100 group boards. Obviously, you’re going to start out smaller. Right now, I’m resting at about 60ish group boards.

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Once you’ve joined some group boards, it’s time to think about your pinning strategy. This is where it gets intense and where you need to learn what works best for you and your audience.

♡ Tailwind vs. Board Booster – use a scheduler to save HOURS


slightly savvy grow traffic pinterest

photo via Tailwind –> sign up here

Easily the most popular pinning tools. I started off using Tailwind – I really liked the look of the dashboard and how easy it was to navigate everything and set everything up.

However, I was still doing a lot of manual work by scheduling pins to boards, and I wasn’t seeing a ton of growth.

slightly savvy grow traffic pinterest

photo via Tailwind –> sign up here

So, on a random Sunday, I switched to Board Booster and paused everything on Tailwind. Between Monday and Wednesday of that week, I gained so many followers and got SO much traffic, I canceled my Tailwind advanced plan and switched entirely to Board Booster. (sign up for Board Booster here)

Board Booster is also such a small cost – $5 / month! Can’t beat that. Tailwind Pro was $15/month. I would definitely recommend testing each for at least one week and see what works best for you. Because there are tons of people who SWEAR by Tailwind.

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photo via Board Booster –> sign up here

slightly savvy grow traffic pinterest 5


Sign up for Board Booster –> here

Sign up for Tailwind –> here

♡ testing, test, 1 2 3 

The best thing you can do is test, test, test. The more data you have, the better decisions you can make.

Try out Board Booster vs. Tailwind. Try pinning at different times of the day.


Other Reads on Growing Pinterest Traffic

♡ Pinteresting Strategies –> here

this is SUCH an amazing e-book. I was really overwhelmed by Pinterest at first, so I committed the $32 to this e-book. Full money back guarantee so what is there to lose?

I printed these pages out, and literally went through them and checked off things to do one by one.

♡ 3 Ways to Boost Traffic via Pinterest –> here

Krista does a great job of breaking down specifics for Tailwind and Board Booster.

♡ 5 Ways to Get more Traffic Through Pinterest –> here

House of Brazen is an all-around AMAZING blogging resource. Probably my favroite go-to site for tons of advice on traffic growth and monetizing your blog.

What are your go-to Pinterest strategies? How do you feel in the Tailwind vs Board Booster debate? 

To see me in action, follow me on Pinterest –> here



  • Hey girl! You left a comment on my blog and followed you back here. I started in a few weeks ago, and I’m so inspired to see your growth since March! Definitely saving your tips for sure 🙂

    • Katherine

      AH that makes me so happy! Blogging is for real such hard work. And you have to keep at it every single day. I love your blog, too! It’s such a unique niche you have, and I think it’s awesome what you are doing for your culture. <3

  • 364 to 990 Pinterest followers! Whoa girlfran! That’s amazing!!! Love your tips, it’s exciting to see all your progress!

    • Katherine

      AH thanks so much! It’s super exciting for me to watch all of your progress, too. You’re really killin’ it! <3

  • I definitely agree with the group boards thing 🙂They have helped me tremendously! And it’s so inspiring seeing all your growth 🙂

  • This is great and so helpful !!

  • Thank you for these tips! Just a started my Blog a few months ago and I can barely manage to get any traffic through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.. I don’t really know how Pinterest works as I have never used it before, but now I got a little bit of an idea, I will give it a try 🙂

    • Katherine

      You’re so on the right track though, many people don’t even launch their blog! Start with Pinterest, join some group boards, create beautiful pins, and do some automated pinning through Board Booster. That’s going to get you some initial traction. Good luck girl !!