Slightly Charmed: 13 Reasons Why, Book Candles, & More

Slightly Charmed: 13 Reasons Why, Book Candles, & More


Hey fam, so as you can maybe tell by the title: I’M MOVING. And it’s like a full-time job between packing, unpacking, and making sure all the cosmetic changes to the new house are on schedule and going smoothly.

Without further ado, let’s just dive into a few things I’m loving this week.

♡ 13 reasons why


Easy #1 on this list is 13 Reasons Why.

The first few episodes I wasn’t loving it…it felt kind of slow. But around Episode 8, things really kicked up a notch, and by the end of the show, I was up until 2 AM watching it.

I’ve never dealt with suicidal thoughts or depression like Hannah Baker in this show. So I have always struggled to relate to people who deal with that stuff.

But watching the sexual assault, rape, bullying, and alll the other things that hurt her and ultimately pushed her to commit suicide made me sick to my stomach. No joke, the final episode (they do show her actually killing herself) was so horribly simple and graphic that I felt like I was going to throw up.

And I think it’s important for people like me who have always struggled to relate to suicide/depression to watch this…to feel sick and nauseous that a girl would feel like doing this to herself. Very powerful and eye-opening.

♡ facebook groups for bloggers

On a happier note, I’m loving Facebook groups for bloggers. Like you can read in my April Blogging Goals, I was (still am) ride or die for Pinterest.

Recently, I learned about Facebook groups for bloggers + now I’m loving them. Basically, there are promo threads where you drop a link to a blog post, insta pic, tweet, whatever, and people complete favors for each other. i.e. you scratch my back, i scratch yours kind of deal

1. It’s opened me up to tons of new blogs I love & 2. It doesn’t hurt on the engagement front.

Below are a few I see the most value from:

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers –> here

The Blogging Squad –> here

Boost Your Blog –> here

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♡ ebates – aka literally free money

So with moving comes a lot of buying stuff. And I’m pretty much over shopping in person. Like I need 2-day shipping and for you to deliver it to my door.

Enter Ebates.

No joke, you sign up for ebates and when you shop online, you can a % cashback. For example, I just bought $100 of beauty products from Sephora at 4% cash back.

You get a Big Fat Check straight to Paypal or your mailbox every month.

When you sign up by clicking here, you get $10 right off the bat. Such a win-win. slightly savvy money saving and budgeting tricks



♡ setting sprays because it’s 100 million degrees 

So as it slowly gets 9 million degrees hotter in Florida, my makeup is an oily mess after like an hour. I discovered that setting sprays are game-changer for me. I love the dewy look but not the I’m-so-hot-my-face-is-sweating-off-look.

The Urban Decay De-slick spray is the ULTIMATE if you have oily skin. The first time I tried it, I looked at my makeup like 4 hours later and was like….wait….how does it look this good?? why am i not a shiny mess ?? peep it here

♡ book candles 

I’m an absolute book nerd at heart, and nothing makes me happier than book based things like candles, T-shirts…you get the deal.

I stumbled upon an Etsy shop, Novelly Yours, that has so many cool candles based on my favorite books, and I’m OBSESSED.

Book Boyfriend – “manly” scents of cologne, moss & clean cotton –> check it out hereslightly savvy slightly charmed (1)

The Yule Ball – based on Harry Potter / scents of pine, mint, snow & butter beer–> check it out here

slightly savvy slightly charmed (1)

Feyre – based on A Court of Thorns & Roses –> check it out here

slightly savvy slightly charmed (1)

Cath’s Lemon Tarts – based on Heartless –> check it out here

slightly savvy slightly charmed (1)


♡ delete this number / /

my chill/angst playlist. this is also a super good writing playlist. lots of gnash, g-eazy, etc.

follow along on Spotify –> listen here

slightly savvy slightly charmed


What are you guys loving this week ?? Any good Netflix recommendations or books I should read??



  • I really was shocked at the last episode of Thirteen Reasons Why too. I have never dealt with suicidal thoughts, but it allowed me to reflect on the way I was speaking to people and how others around me may be going through a lot more than what they make it out to be. I also appreciate that you described “delete this number” as a chill/angst playlist, lol. I’ve made tons of those in my life time. xx

  • I love that you took time to look at all the reasons to be happy. Sometimes people focus on the bad things going on in their life but you took little things and made them into great reasons to be positive!

  • I have that Maria Bedesco spray but always forget to use it, haha. Does it really work that well??

  • SC

    I have also watched 13 Reasons Why because I was interested to see what the buzz was about. While you mention it can be helpful for people who haven’t suffered from depression, I can also see how it could be terrible for someone with depression to watch. At any rate, I thought the show was SUPER eye-opening for the bullying some teens deal with.
    Good luck with your move!
    Cheers, SC //

  • I have not seen 13 reasons Why but everyone does seem to love it.

  • I didn’t plan on watching the show, and I wasn’t a fan of the preview for it, but I ended up watching it anyway and now I’m obsessed with the show. They’re coming out with a second season, and I’m super excited for it!

  • I’ve never heard of book candles before. Those are seriously the coolest idea ever! It would be so special for Christmas presents, along with the book. Definitely will be keeping those in mind when December hits. Thanks for sharing!

  • GIRL! Thanks for the Spotify playlist, I am obsessed with this app. Listening to it now.

    The hardest part about Ebates is definitely remembering to use it. I did take advantage of it when I ordered my mom flowers for mother’s day.

    P.S. I’m also excited to join the Bloggers Supporting Bloggers group. Thanks for the recommendation!