Slightly Charmed: Italy Vacation, the Future of Slightly Savvy, + a Recap of Summer Camp

Slightly Charmed: Italy Vacation, the Future of Slightly Savvy, + a Recap of Summer Camp

So, you guys, it feels lilke it has been SO LONG. So long since I’ve written a life post, so long since I’ve done an update…so here it is. Gonna give you a quick little recap of Italy and of Summer Camp. And once that is over, it is back to business as normal.

Italian Vacay

So, my husband, Michael, and his brother, Patrick, and his brother’s wife Taylor all went on a little Italian euro trip 3 weeks ago. It was a grand total of 11 days and we flew out into Florence, stayed there for four or five days, and then drove down to Amalfi and stayed in Positano and Sorrento for 4 days.

In Florence, we did the city thing – went to museums, saw art and stuff, and obviously ate a lot of pizza and a lot of pasta. I studied abroad in Florence three years ago so it was kind of like coming back to my third home. 
If I could give you only one piece of advice for going to Italy, I would say to not go in July and August. Living in Florida, I was like, I can totally handle the heat. It’s fine.

So, Florence had a literal heat wave when we were there that they named Lucifer…anything named Lucifer is never good. The temperature was 106 degrees some days, and it literally felt like someone was blowing a heater on you at all times. So, listen to everyone else in the entire world, like I did not, and try to avoid Italy in July and August.   

We also did a super fun wine tour, which was amazing for me because I literally know NOTHING about wines. I learned soo much and now I won’t be such a 16 year old when it comes to order wine at business meetings and dinners.

After we did the Florence thing for a few days, we rented a car and did a mini road trip down to the Amalfi coast. We stopped in Siena for lunch and then went to one of my favorite parts of the entire trip, which was at the Tuscany Hot Springs. I literally found the springs on Instagram, and I was like, wait must go there.



So in Amalfi, we decide we want to go hiking. And there’s this path called Path of the Gods, which is supposed to be like the coolest hiking trail in Amalfi with the best views. So we set out at like 11 AM and about 15 minutes into it, I am absolutely dying from the heat. Like literally seeing black spots and everything. We are walking up I think like 5000 stairs in direct sun of 160 agrees. Long story short, I pass out, tumble down the mountain, and almost fall into the Mediterranean Sea.

Luckily, alls well ends well and I was totally fine and did not die.

The Future of Slightly Savvy

Moving on from pasta and pizza and onto blogging.

If you started with me in the beginning of my own blogging journey in March, you might be wondering what direction Slightly Savvyy is going to take. Because I know, for a while, I was wondering the same thing.

What I can get the most value to you guys on is branding and blogging tips from a PR perspective. It seems to be what you guys love hearing the most, and weirdly enough, it’s the content that I absolutely love writing about. It’s the content that I never seem to really run out of ideas for.

There’s a lot of bloggers who can write killer lifestyle content, great cruelty-free make-up content, and I am just not one of those. I can put it together, but there’s really nothing special about it. 

Basically, starting this past Sunday, is the mini rebrand of Slightly Savvy.

PR is the direction we are going in, and I hope that you guys are happy that you will be getting wayyy more PR content and wayyyy more of my insider experiences on the flip side of blogging, hopefully to keep helping you guys learn how to work with brands in the right way for your blog.

I am super excited for this direction because it is so easy and natural to me to talk nonstop about this stuff. 

Newsletter fam

The newsletter is one of my favorite favorite aspects of Slightly Savvy. It feels so much more 1 on 1, and I really love bringing super niche tips and content to that community.

It also feels like you guys in the newsletter fam really love the content as well, too.

SO the content there is going to get more exclusive, more valuable, and more niche. I still don’t want to flood your inbox though, so you will only get the newsletter once a week, maybe twice if something in the industry breaks, or there’s a trending topic we should really get you guys some info on ASAP.

If you want to join the newsletter fam (goes live every Sunday from now on), drop your email in the pink toolbar below.

Fun free stuff

I want to keep bringing you guys as much valuable content for free as possible…think Insta Lives, videos, a free mini camp that is in the works…without the BS of the “online blogging world” that is full of like webinars promoting stuff, sales pages trying to “capture” emails, etc.

If you ever feel like I’m falling into the trap of the “online blogging world,” I’d like you to email me at and slap me.

There are also 2 secret projects that I’m working on…one will be announced TOMORROW (August 23) and the other will be announced late next week before Labor Day.

Summer Camp

Some of you have asked me how Summer Camp turned out (thanks for asking xoxo), and I want to say AMAZING without tooting my own horn. The bloggers in Camp were SO smart, willing to learn, and interactive. It made it that much more incredible to work with them and talk 1 on 1 about their blogs and visions for it.

Based on the feedback I’ve received, I also think it was super valuable for the Campers. One sweet Camper even sent me a physical thank you letter in the mail, which was 10/10 amazing to receive.

Since Summer Camp was a pretty bomb success, it willll be happening for Round 2 in the future and I’ll obviously keep you posted on when that is. Won’t be for a few months at least.


Thank you !!

Overall, thank you guys SO much for the amazing feedback, ideas, DMs, and emails you always send me. I’m super thrilled anything I write can help you guys out with your blogs and brands.

And thank you guys who tell me you share my content with your blogger friends…it means THE WORLD.

If you have topics you WANT talked about, drop them here…I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the mini revamp and direction.


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