How 1 Brand Tricked Beauty Influencers + It Went Viral

How 1 Brand Tricked Beauty Influencers + It Went Viral

The Suave Influencer Campaign + Viral Experiment

So guys, today we are taking a deeper dive into the world of advertising to talk about a pretty viral influencer campaign.

Basically, in February of this year, a little influencer campaign happened in the advertising world.

“Suave, a standard off-the-pharmacy-shelf shampoo and haircare brand wanted to test its quality against the preconceived notions of millennial shoppers.

A group of beauty influencers was given a new product to test called Evaus (Suave, backwards), presented with a slick minimal design and premium price tag. After gushing about its quality and style, they’re told it’s actually Suave. Doh!” – via Fast Company

They worked with these influencers to create video content…and of course, in the middle of shooting the video, they revealed that the shampoo was actually Suave and not a cool hipster brand.

You watch the actual video here.

Luckily, most of the influencers were super cool about the whole experiment and agreed to be on film.

The Aftermath

The aftermath about the Suave influencer campaign in my PR world was….lol. Half of the old school brands and advertising executives were chuckling to themselves, saying they were right all along that influencers weren’t a smart form of advertising.

I looked at this campaign and kind of cringed for Suave and these influencers.

Was this the BEST press for bloggers who want to be taken seriously?

Probs not.

But I digress.

what can you can take from this as a blogger? //

  • Brands are aware that influencers are powerful tool – Suave was trying to prove they’re cool and they choose to do that with beauty influencers – not through a billboard, not through a TV commercial, not through a Facebook video.


  • When you partner with a brand, make sure you 100% believe in the opinion you give – luckily, all these beauty influencers were pleasantly shocked by the fact that what they thought was salon-quality shampoo was actually Suave. They stood by their opinion that the shampoo was bomb – make sure you could stand in front of a camera and stand by your sponsored review, sponsored Instagram post, too.


So, guys thoughts on how this went down? I think it’s both a good reminder for both sides of brand collabs – bloggers + the companies they work with – to keep influencer content real, genuine, and not gimmicky.

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