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Hi fam!

I’m Katherine, the creator of Slightly Savvy. I started this blog because when I graduated from  Florida State University with a double major in Public Relations + English, I was looking for a blog like me – a girl who was ambitious in her career but also wanted to go to Pilates and try out new wellness things. I wanted to read that all-encompassing experience.

I couldn’t find it, so I created it.

Also, I’m awful at this About page. So instead, I’m going to play Would You Rather….by myself…


Would You Rather…?

always have to say everything on your mind OR never speak again? oh god…probably just say what’s on my mind

participate in The Hunger Games OR Game of Thrones? probably Game of Thrones because I have a less chance of dying ?

would you rather live in a place where it’s always hot OR always cold? well, I already live in Florida

would you rather lose all the money you have OR every picture you’ve ever taken? tough… but probably lose my pictures. I don’t want to be homeless.

What topics can I expect for now?

tons of lifestyle content

health + wellness one of my fave topics –> here.

career – something else I think I can bring a lot of value on –> here.

blogging tips and tricks – definitely plan on documenting how I’m starting from 0 and growing from there strategically –> here.

What values are a foundation of Slightly Savvy?

HONESTY – #1 ultimate goal. I feel like there is so much ingenuity and fakeness about how our lives are perfect. You’ll always get my honest opinion and the real deal.

HEALTH – whether it’s mental, physical, career…I really believe in keeping all areas of your life healthy.

COMMUNITY – I love interacting with you guys already. I so appreciate the questions, Instagram DMs…everything. I love that you’re getting value + advice, and I get to write and do what I love.

You can also find me here…

Instagram: @katherinesavmcd –> big fan of IG stories

Pinterest: @katherinesmcd

Twitter: @slightlysavvy_

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