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Hi fam and welcome!

I’m Katherine, the creator of Slightly Savvy, a blog + brand built to give bloggers a sneak peek into the PR world.

In my real 9-5, I work in Public Relations for a brand. I head up our PR department with press, content creators, social media, tradeshows around the world, etc.

Basically, I work on the flipside of blogging.


Why Slightly Savvy Got Started

What I love talking about for hours is PR.

And what I’m pretty good at is PR.

When I got into blogging and I started sharing my insider tips on bloggers working with brands, I was pretty quickly inundated with emails, DMs, and questions all from bloggers asking how they could work with brands, too.

I started Slightly Savvy honestly as a way to get all of my branding + social media strategies out of my head so they wouldn’t keep me awake at night.

And pretty quickly, my amazing readers really started engaging with + loving these insider secrets, sharing them with their blogger friends…

Basically, my brand kind of exploded on itself.


In July 2017, one Friday night, driving to sushi with my husband, I was thinking of ways bloggers could learn more about working with brands

(you know, usual date night thoughts)

It was a beautiful summer night in Florida, with perfect pastel sunset skies, casual 90% humidity, and I thought, “You know what would be really fun? A summer camp for bloggers.”

2.2 seconds later, I was obsessed with the idea.

And like that, the first Summer Camp for bloggers was born, an online Camp allll about bloggers learning to work with brands from a PR perspective.

I immediately put my heart, soul, + industry contacts into Summer Camp.

I launched Slightly Savvy Summer Camp, hoping that maybeeee 2-5 bloggers would sign up, + I could bring them something amazing and never done before.

Flash forward to a month later, and over 30 bloggers signed up for Camp.

The feedback Post-Camp was incredible with….

  • Bloggers pitching themselves to brands and hearing a YES within 24 hours
  • Bloggers saying they learned more from Camp in 5 days than they had in 3 years of blogging
  • 100% of Campers saying they would recommend Summer Camp to a blogger friend

Overall, it helped me see there was SUCH a huge need for insider strategies + tips for working with brands from a PR perspective.

Summer Camp will be back in 2018. Sign up here to be the first to know when Camp starts up.

PR for Bloggers

Now that you’ve learned a little about me, why don’t you start learning for YOUR blog + brand?

There’s so many fun ways to connect with the Slightly Savvy community.

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 Bloggers, feel like you want to work 1 on 1?

Find more info on working with me here.

I’m currently accepting a few clients for September.

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