How to Basically Tinder Your Brand Collabs: Swipe Left or Right

How to Basically Tinder Your Brand Collabs: Swipe Left or Right

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A smart blogger once asked me, “Look, I’m getting offers from brands to work with them. But how do I know who should I pick to work with?”

1. That’s amazing.

2. Let’s help you be strategic here.

It seems like a perfect problem to have, right?? You have sooo many collaboration opporutnities just flooding your inbox you have to pick and choose who to say yes to and who to turn down.

But it can honestly be tougher than it looks.

“How should I pick who to work with?”

I could give you a totally generic answer and say, “Only brands you love, guys!!”

But that doesn’t get into the nitty gritty of these decisions. And it can be REALLY hard to turn down $$, especially when that $600/month student loan payment is staring at you from next week.

Would the product truly be something your readers LOVE?

Imagine the one girl who always comments on your posts, on your Instas, etc. She loves your blogging advice, she loves your outfits. She’s obviously really looks up to you. How would she feel about this product or brand?

Pick your collaborations for HER.

If you can imagine her loving the product….

Swipe right.

How much LEGITIMACY does the brand have?

Remember ethos, pathos, logos from AP English? K, this is the ethos part.

Part of building a smart brand is partnering with the right people outside of yourself.

Gaining legitimacy + authority is key when it comes to differentiating between you and the next fashion blogger/food blogger/lifestyle blogger.

Will this brand partnership give you legitimacy in your niche? For example, will working with Mind Body Green as a clean eating blogger boost your authority? Will working with Bloguettes boost your ethos as a blogger for bloggers? 

Swipe right.

Is the collaboration in YOUR favor?

Did the brand demand minimum 3 Instagram posts, 2 reviews, 3 other social media promos, AND a review on their website? Oh, and they can only “pay you in product.”

Swipe left.

OR start your negotiating. You want 3 Instas – I’ll do 1. I’ll include your product in a roundup IF I love it. Oh, and I 100% need to be paid.

They can meet your terms?

Swipe right.

BUT can you really deliver for them?

Don’t take someone’s money and screw them over. It’s serious bad karma.

Do you have the time to put in the work to make that YouTube video? Do you have an audience primed and ready to buy an organic face oil?

If your answer is no…

Swipe left.

But if your answer is YES, I can make a killer YouTube video using allll my creativity and then use allll my marketing/social media know-how to promo it for you.

Swipe right.


“What should I be asking for?”

I love the “Know your worth, then add tax.”

I can’t totally tell you what to ask for. But I can tell you some bare necessities.

  • you try the product for free – duh
  • think about how many hours you’re going to spend on this collaboration – how much is an hour of your time worth? charge accordingly.
  • that “exposure” they always promise you…yeah, that needs to happen, too.
  • what happens long-term? you want this relationship to be legit. play the long game + talk about next season, next campaign, etc. See if you can turn one off collabs into longer partnerships.

Okay, awesome, so you negotiated, got them on your terms, and you said YES.

Now it’s on YOU to over deliver. Don’t forget this part, it’s the most important.

What topics do you want covered next?

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