3 Quick + Effective Tips for Building Relationships with Brands + PR People

3 Quick + Effective Tips for Building Relationships with Brands + PR People

Happy happy happy Friday fam!

This post was completely unplanned and again, written in the car on Siri, but I wanted to give you guys quick little post versus one of my lengthyyy posts.

breaking down a mystical PR world

The PR world can be super secretive and mystical. No one wants to share their secrets because our secrets are our JOBS. My little tips and tricks I use to get press, interviews, and brands are literally my blood, sweat, tears, and more tears that I’ve figured out from nights of sitting on my email until 12 PM or working all Saturday on the perfect pitch to Forbes, The Huffington Post, New York Times, whoever.

But I love peeling back the curtain for you guys and giving you some honest insights + practical tips.

Also, a fun note: I want to work with more of you guys 1 on 1. I love learning about your different visions for your blog/brand, and more than anything, I’m SO grateful you give me your ear. Let me dive into your brand a little, figure out some unique, no BS strategies, + send them to you. There is a cost to this ($35), but I think you’ll see pretty quickly it’s well worth. Fill out this little form here + I’ll get back to you within like an hour to talk. 


I wanted to break down 3 super simple but effective tips for working with a PR person representing a brand or working with someone in a brand’s own marketing/PR department.


1. reply fast – less than 24 hours

PR peeps have to move extremely fast. We need everything done yesterday. So if you wait 4 days to respond or get back to us, chances are we’ve moved on to another blogger or another opportunity.

Plus, if you reply fast, we’re going to be grateful to YOU. And you’re probably going to get the best pick of whatever we’re offering.

2. deadlines…just meet them

If there is a deadline for a campaign or something is due to us by a certain date, just being on time is a HUGE bonus/positive. Even if you’re so apologetic and sorry, we’re already in trouble with our boss for you being late, and our boss is in trouble with the brand.

Just turn your blog post, Instagram, video, whatever in on time, and you’ve already stood out to us.

3. if you’re an A+ blogger, hand in A+ work every single time

I was talking to a girl I connected with on Instagram who ALSO works in PR, and she brought up this amazing point. She requested to be anonymous, so please don’t think I’m just being a jerk and not including how to find her.

“I sometimes think our bloggers get very lazy in the sense that we have a multi-blog post contract with them, so guaranteed income. They’ll do the bare minimum, and I’ll have to ask them for more assets or to reread our blog guidelines.”

“Asking questions is a big one for me. I just had a blogger assume something and then she didn’t have the assets…I want to be as involved as possible in the process. I don’t want to dictate things to them. I want them to be creative – it’s what we pay for them for and they’re the expert in their space.”

“I want the bloggers to continue to wow me every time they turn in assets. I get really excited when I receive beautiful assets and extras. It makes me want to keep working with the bloggers, pitch their ideas to clients, and send them free goodies.”

Like such amazing points!! Your work is your brand, your reputation. Hand in something you’re proud of every.single.time.

when you do these 3 things…

  • You become our go-to girl – we need something out fast? Ask Nicole. We have a campaign on short notice? Ask Nicole.
  • You make us look good – when a blogger/writer makes me look like I don’t know what I’m doing at my job, I’m not a fan. But when someone else makes me look GREAT…I’m so much more grateful to you.
  • We want to send you free stuff – like Anna said, when we love you, we WANT you to get non stop free stuff, access to exclusive events, first pick of product, etc.
  • You’re focusing on long-term vs short term with a brand – when you do these things, it shows you’re not focused on the $$. You’re focused on building your own brand, connecting with your readers, and obviously paying your bills, too.
  • Stand out – in a sea FULL of bloggers, quality comes to the surface real quick.

the end

You would be shocked at how many bloggers/content creators are late, don’t reply, or turn in C+ work.

Be the standout A+ blogger and set yourself ahead of the pack.

Always though, I can give you the most useful advice in the world and it’s up to YOU to stop reading this post and go DO it. Write your content, work on your Insta story, respond to comments.  

I really tried to keep this short. Sorry if it’s not fam.

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  • Loved this post so much! Super helpful for me since I’m just starting out as a blogger. I’m too small for PR at this point, but I want to learn as much as possible! Totally considering signing up for a 1 on 1 with you and followed you on Instagram so I can stay up to date (your feed is gorgeous btw)! Anyways thank you so much for a post that was super helpful, but short & sweet!
    -Mia xx

  • I saw these tips on your insta story and they were so helpful! I’m seriously loving all of these PR posts- keep them comin’ pleasseeee!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  • Très Anna

    So In love with you blog. Your tips are so helpful. I nominated you for the ‘Bloggers Recognition Award 2017’ You can find it here: https://misstresanna.wordpress.com/2017/07/08/nomination-for-the-blogger-recognition-award-2017/ Please keep going!

  • Great tips, I have just started my website and writing blogs. This list will immensely will help me. Thanks

  • Professionalism is key. I totally agree.

  • Thanks for another great little post Karen. These tips are timely for my partner and I as both our blogs are taking shape and we’re actively focusing on who we can now serve.

  • You have such awesome tips girl! I just spent like the last hour binge reading your blog hahaha. PS your Bloglovin link below the post sharing buttons is broken!