7 Wellness Tips for Work Life Balance

7 Wellness Tips for Work Life Balance

When you’re trying to eat paleo or remember to take a daily probiotic, sometimes the hardest part is work. You forgot your stuff at home, when you get home you’re too busy, etc.

I massively improved my health + wellness by bringing all my wellness hacks TO work….instead of waiting until I got home to focus on them, which I would inevitably forget.

1. Collagen

I first learned about collagen first from skinny confidential. Break it down there’s a few types of collagen ( beef, Marine, green etc. )

There are lots of brands, but by far, my favorite is the Vital Proteins brand. I have personally only tried the marine collagen, but here is some info on the beef and collagen peptides powder from The Balanced Blonde, a blogger I LOVE.

This product is super easy to keep at your desk and throw in your water, tea, coffee, etc. No blending needed, and Vital Proteins even comes with a little scooper.

I talk a lot more about collagen here.

vital proteins marine collagen

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2. Keep your daily vitamins at work

I keep biotin and a bottle of my probiotics at work. Sometimes, I feel like I spend more time at work than home, so it makes sense to have these handy and pop in.


3. Work out in the middle of the day

I love working out at like 2 PM, because sometimes that’s when my energy es highest. Luckily, my office has a gym, and there’s a lot of pure barre classes & spinning classes nearby. If your office has a gym or there’s a gym nearby, do 30 minutes of light strength training and middle of the day.

It’s so great to get moving, get out of your chair, and squeeze in a little bit of time to work out before you get home. Bring some natural, scented wipes to wipe off the sweat, and you’re good to go.

slightly savvy wellness hacks to make a difference in your 9-5 life

4. Eye pads?

My work is super relaxed and laid-back, so I definitely take advantage of that. Sometimes, I put eye pads underneath my eyes just for 30 minutes or so. I’m just sitting there, so why wait till I get home  ??

♡ brands I’ve tried and/or want to try

Peter Thomas Roth cucumber eye pads – cucumber is super cooling, + I’ve seen a lot of bloggers try these out and love them

collagen eye pads – 2-day shipping on Amazon Prime + $5 for 30 sets? I’ve personally tried these, and I have no clue how they’re so cheap AND so good


slightly savvy wellness hacks


5. Eat outside

Sometimes, the weather in Florida is 9 million degrees and awful, but sometimes it’s amazing outside. On these days, I make a point to just bring my laptop outside or eat outside, just spend a few minutes outdoors in the sunshine away from the dark office and my little cubby. Even take a call outside.

6. Caffeine eye cream

Basically, if it has the word caffeine in it, I’m willing to try it. I discovered this Origins caffeine eye cream probably five years ago, and I’ve never looked back. I have horrible dark circles and puffiness (thx genetics), and this helps combat it a little.

It is the best eye cream – has a pink glow, which really brightens the under eye area. The caffeine in it energizes your skin and reduces puffiness.

other benefits

made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates

coffee beans – impressive health benefits from antioxidant age-fighting to memory boosting

ginseng – strengthens the soul, brightens the eyes, opens the heart, stimulates physical and mental activity without the side effects of other stimulants.

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